Sexiest Vampire in the world

1.Tell us a little about yourself,and your Vampire series.

Revenge has never tasted so sweet...

Embellish is the story of our heroine Solis Burkes, who at six years old, had her innocence stolen from her during a violent gang rape by school bullies. She was unable to tell her mother about this event, and keeps it to herself. Her mother eventually meets a tragic end, due to an accidental overdose.  Because of all of the events, Solis leads a life of extreme promiscuity, depression, and self-loathing. She eventually finds that she has been physically involved with several men that she forgets their names. After living like this for so long, she finally realizes how she has put her life at risk. Then one night out at a jumping nightclub, she meets this gorgeous man, Nacio who seems to know everything about Solis including that awful day that changed her life.

Solis eventually learns why he feels so deeply for her, and the fact that he is a vampire.

By the time Solis can accept everything Nacio explains to her about him becoming a vampire, those responsible for her rape return. Once that happens, they bring with them their history in which they are connected to the evil voodoo Priestess Auldicia. This priestess is known throughout both Solis’s family and the Treemount Family and the events explode when the two enemies cross paths with each other.

2.How did it all start your Vampire writing?

I had always wrote skits and plays for occasions, but decided to get serious about writing one day. It was difficult in the beginning to sit down and write a book. I had promised my grandmother I would several years before she passed away, but what prompted me to get started was my father passing away. After that I found myself glued to the keyboard and before I knew it, I was finishing the back matter of the first book, and since then I’ve written two more in the Embellish vampire Saga.

3.Vampire Reading is always a pleasure!

Do you think the texing age, is hurting the young  for reading a good book? I believe in some ways yes it is hurting the book industry in that authors have their work stolen, and then they never receive the credit for their hard work and efforts put into a story to entertain fans. This is a loss. On the other hand it is really great because you reach a lot of readers, and those that might not be able to afford to get a good vampire read in every now and then so they can go to the library and check out books if they can’t afford to buy them.

4.Is R.L. is that like D.K Rowlands:) do you follow her work? Do you want to turn one of your vampire books into a movie? Yes R. L. is like Ms. Rowlands.  “I AM A HUGE HARRY POTTER FAN”, and I would love to have the honor of having Steven Speilberg call me and tell me he wants Embellish my vampire story and the whole series turned into a movie. I will then know that I have arrived as an author, actress, and screenplay writer. I’ve had some fun recently recording the audiobook version of Embellish vampire series and hearing myself read aloud the characters, and let me tell you it definitely opened my eyes to the intensity of the characters, and I hope readers feel that same intensity.

5.Share with us, your vampireParanormal Romance has been a favored genre.

How do you get ideas for this genre? Oh gosh, my mother was a huge fan of the late 60’s show Dark Shadows. She loved Barnabus Collins and I can’t wait to see the latest version of it with Johnny Depp. He’s one of my favorite actors. I never got the chance to see the original series except for one time, and I don’t feel I really got a good feel for old Barnabus, but later I understood why my mother liked him so much. He had charn, charisma, and sex appeal and I guess that’s what did if for him and his victims. Personally, I like the Bram Stoker’s version of Dracula. It has mystery, seduction, and intrigue all in one. I loved the Twilight saga, and I’m a big fan of the series. I get my ideas for these books from simply watching people, their habits, their faults, and their overall behavior. When I go to book signings, I watch everything around me and sometimes see humans do the strangest things. From repetitve behavior to, suspicious behavior, to all out over dramatization in the mall or book stores.

6.Share with us what you like to do when you are not writing vampire stories.

Collecting Smooth Jazz, cooking, and baking, are hobbies the author enjoys, each day. When I’m not doing those things, I’m writing and life coaching other folks to meet their goals. I hope I inspire others. I’m a mother and wife, so those things take all the rest of me as well. I’m a huge Boney James fan so I try to keep up with him as much as possible to see when he’s in Texas.

7.Share with us behind the scenes on how you market your vampire books?

Give us some tips on what not to do? I often go to book signings, and I try to have little give aways as well, such as a book or shirts or anything like that. One thing you never want to do is be rude to fans or even people who aren’t fans. Yes I’ve found a few folks that weren’t so friendly, but I just smiled and wished them a good day.

8.Final comment:* For what do you want to be remembered professionally? I want to be remembered as the author that gave the world Embellish the vampire series and all the action, excitement, and entertainment that came with the series. I want to bring in some of the most beautiful actors and actresses from around the world to make this vampire series come to life and become a hit.
R. L. Sloan Author of the novels Embellish, Justice Served, Auldicia Rises

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