Seven Marketing Strategies!

I learned my first invaluable business lesson about marketing Strategies the hard way: No matter how successful you are,no matter how many customers you have,no matter how much the bank account is bulging, you always have to promote yourself.Constantly.Consistently.Continuously.You must be unrelenting in reminding potential customers that you exist.I learned another invaluable lession with this experience:There’s no shame in self promotion if you’re promoting something of value.

1.Be-reliable.This is one of the most impotant competitive advantages you have.

2.Say”thank you” three times-once over the phone,once in writing,and once in person.

3.Maintain high standards of integrity and excellence.Even people who don’t hire you will recommend you.

4.Be a problem solver. This is more important than having a good product or service.

5.Sell value and you’ll make more money. Don’t charge your customers for every breath you take on their behalf.

6.Don’t be cheap.Prospects will respond more readily if you present a polished image.

7.Take a long-term view of your promotional activities.Patience will produce consistent results and steady growth.

Spend less time pursuing dollars and more time pursuing relationships.Business success is about relationships, and relationships take time.Work these seven marketing strategies to your success.

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