Setting Goals Making Plans and Managing your time.

To be successful in any aspect of life,you must be good at setting goals.

Making plans to achieve  setting goals and manage your time effectively to carry out those plans.There are two basic types of goals-short and long term.To achieve either type,you should write down the goals and review them on a daily basis.All goals,whether short or long term,should be realistic,measurable,harmonious(with each other),and flexible.

Once the setting goals is in place.

You should study them to determine the best course of action to achieve them.The steps involved in the course of action are your plans.

To be successful in setting goals you must examine how you currently spend your time.

Learn how to make the best use of the time you have.A weekly planner and/or my personal time management system can help you take control of your time.

Setting goals will turn you dreams into reality.

I have two questions for you.The first one is:What are your dreams?most people tell themselves they want to have a lot of money,but what would you do with a lot of money if you had it?It’s important to know you’re truly after in life and what your dreams are.If you don’t,you can’t begin to take the steps necessary to make them real.

The second question i have for you is: Are you someone who wishes or someone who wants?There’s a big difference between the two.People who wish for things,pin their hopes on unrealistic dreams-like winning the lottery or inheriting a lot of money.People who want things are good at setting goals and realistic in their desires.

For example,they might want to start a business or write a book.Setting goals people who want things are more likely to make their dreams a reality than people who just wish for them,because the things they hope for are within the realm of reasonable possibility.

Setting goals is not enough just to want things.

To make your dreams come true,you have to make the commitment to work toward them,and you must do so in an organized fashion.They also know that to achieve your desire,you have to be good at setting goals,make plans to achieve those goaals,and manage your time according to the plans.

Setting goals the first step in achieve your dreams.

The first step in achieving your dreams-in any aspect of life-is setting goals.Goals are like targets:they give you something to aim at.They also provide a measure of how you’re doing.When you set a goal for yourself,you make a commitment to do doing it,you step out onto the path toward success.

Setting goals comes in two forms.

Short term and long term.Short term goals are things you want to accomplish in the next year.long term goals are things you hope to achieve in the next one to five years.Often,the short term goals represent individual pieces to larger,long term goals.In fact,the best way to achieve a long term goal is to break it down into shorter term goals.

Setting goals short term.

Your short term goals should be attainable within one year at the most and should pertain to all facets of your life.For example,your short term business/book goals might include things like.

Receiving a monthly income of $1,000 from your business.

Making a number of books sales for the year.

Just as you can break down long term setting goals into short term setting goals-you can break down short term setting goals into daily or weekly goals.

By intelligently setting goals daily and weekly you will be amazed at how quickly and easily you can attain your setting goals short term-not to mention your long term goals.

Setting goals long term is what you want to accomplish over the next five years.

When you set them,you should consider all aspect of your life.

To build your book following on the social networks.

To have a couple of revenue streams for your business.

Setting goals principles.

It’s not difficult setting goals,but there are some general principles you should follow.The two most important in setting goals is to write down your goals and to review them on a regular basis.

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