SEO is the granddaddy of traffic methods

SEO is the granddaddy of traffic methods.

SEO -Search Engine Optimization search engine optimization is the granddaddy of all traffic methods. In fact, most other methods mimic the same thing done here. Simply put, SEO involves using keywords that people type in when making an online search.

SEO content marketing


The goal here is to improve site ranking to get more traffic. When you do SEO, you do one thing – come out on top. Think about it. Out of the millions of search results plastered on the results page, people will only check the ones on the first page.

SEO-PPV brings in a lot of traffic.


This is why it is important to get your site or blog there. Ideally, you want to claim the top spot. Getting first place on search engines usually means ranking number one in Google. However, this could also mean being number one in other SEO searches such as Yahoo, Bing,

Facebook and YouTube among others. SEO is a broad umbrella term which includes pretty much everything else on this list. It is quite difficult to single out one aspect since they are all connected with each other.

SEO and contest marketing.

Techniques range from simple metadata editing to altering some elements of the HTML code of your site. As such, many website owners opt to hire a SEO expert or firm. Some of the best include Customer Magnetism , Server SideDesign , Nebo Agency and Bruce Clay, Inc .

These guys have everything you need to dominate your keyword list and come out on top of the rankings. See what they have to offer and the price tag for their services before hiring a service provider.

Contest Marketing the best way to get more traffic to your site is to offer an incentive for people to visit. Holding a contest is one of the best ways to do this. The good news is that this method is flexible enough to accommodate any of your marketing goals.

You can use RSS Feeds, get more back links and drive up profits. The only limits here are your willingness to take risks and your creativity. Look around and you will see that most contests put up the latest iPad or other electronic gadgets up for grabs.

Of course you can break away from the usual and offer other prizes. For better SEO results, you may want to consider offering a prize that is specific to your market. Apart from the prize, you have to come up with the mechanics of the contest as well.

In most cases, commenting on a YouTube video and getting the most ‘likes’ for it gets the win. This generates a lot of buzz around your site and is a sure-fire way to get more visitors. You can even ask people to promote your blog or website for you.

SEO and traffic blog

SEO and blogging

Just tell them that the biggest promoter gets a prize for bringing in the most SEO numbers of new subscribers or site visitors. Contests are an easy way to generate a lot of publicity in a relatively short period of time.

It can be used to do a lot of things and not just attract site traffic. Find the proper blend of exciting prize and easy mechanics and you are in for a treat.  List Building Services List building is one of the most obvious ways to attract traffic to your site.

This involves getting as much email addresses as you can from potential customers. Of course this requires time and effort which you may not have. But did you know that you can hire someone else to do this for you?

The truth is that there are plenty of list building service providers out there. One such provider is This site has powerful lead generation and traffic tools. Essentially, it is a program that helps build your downline on autopilot.

You can start emailing to your list from five to seven levels deep. One bonus feature you will find helpful is that protects your affiliate commissions. This site also lets its members upload your banner ads for rotation on other members’ sites.

It is a great way to advertise and promote your site through a clever banner advertisement system. Another extremely powerful feature that is often underestimated, is their Social Message Center which allows their members to see exactly what kind of email subjects and email body copy gets the best results right now, based on live mailing statistics.

Other services such as Directory of Ezines do more than let you send emails. Apart from this service, they help you keep your email inbox clean, free of spam and organized. In fact, a lot of the other List Building Services recommend to start by getting yourself a Directory of Ezines account first.

Pay-per-View Advertising Like it’s cousin PPC advertising, PPV advertising requires you to pay up only when you get the results you want. In this case, action is taken only if your ad is viewed by someone.

Note that this method also goes by the name of CPV advertising. PPV advertising works as ads shown as pop-ups every time a pre-determined action is taken. For instance, pop-ups appear when someone triggers a targeting option set in your advertising campaign.

In most cases, targeting options are web addresses or keywords. Advertising an internet marketing blog would mean targeting other sites that are related to it. This includes marketing and business blogs.

The proper keywords are used to locate these blogs. Ads then appear as pop-ups to anyone who goes to any one of these sites or after typing the keywords that trigger such an action. Of course pop-up advertisements carry a bad reputation among internet users.

The good news is that PPV advertising is not like the ones from before. Users have the option of turning off pop-ups or allowing them to appear. Most PPC advertising providers are also PPV capable.

Check out sites such as AdBrite and AdBlade. Be sure to check their features and all the services it offers its clients. You want to select one that fits your PPV campaign perfectly.

Use pop-ads to lead potential customers directly to your site. Alternatively, you can use this space for other promotions such as contests, free giveaways and as an opt-in or squeeze page.  Pay-per-Download Advertising Like torrent marketing, software marketers make the most out of this traffic method.

Still, those who are not engaged in the software industry are free to use this method. Essentially, ads are shown after someone downloads something that is related to your product.

A charge is made if that person downloads your software or application as well. You should know that this traffic method can get you thousands of new traffic for your site. There is simply a huge volume of traffic from PPD advertising.

This is why it is a good idea to develop a widget, an application or programs whenever applicable. The web browser Google Chrome has an app store where such programs may be downloaded.

You can use this platform as a means of distribution for your programs to reach a wider audience at the same time. Your app does not have to be complicated at all. In fact, the most popular apps have very basic ideas behind them. For instance, ‘Turn Off the Lights’ had over 37,000 installs weekly.

It is a simple program that lets you control the brightness of your screen and everything around the video. So what app you can come up with depends on your creativity and imagination. You can also use the iTunes App Store for the same purpose.

This lets you reach the mobile users market easily. With enough popularity, your app could go viral and be passed around by word of mouth which means free publicity for you. This is an opportunity you surely do not want to miss out on while growing your SEO content.


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