Self promotion!the need never diminshes

One of the most important things i’ve discovered about self promotion is that the need for it never diminishes.I’ve been well-served by following self-imposed discipline.Do something promotional every single day.To me,marketing and promoting myself is as much a part of my daily routine as exercising,taking my Xango,reading information on the internet.This is quite contrary to most peoples’ approach,which is to pay attention to self promotion in spurts,often only when waning sales mandate or some opportunity drops from the sky.So,my rule is not to go to sleep at night until I’ve met my daily self promotion minimum.Some days it migh really be minimal:making one phone call,making a quick video to post on youtube,writing a Press release,getting new guest for the hollischapmanshow,getting an email blast out to everyone who has visited my website.But i always do at least one thing.

Here is another of my most important discoveries; the vital need to retell your entire sales story every time you go to your marketplace,constituency,or even your own,most responsive customers.It’s natural to assume that your customers know all about your credentials,expertise,experience,and attributes and do not need to hear about all that for the umpteenth time.It is even natural to assume they may tire of hearing about it.But i can assure you that marketing results,including valid split-test(i.e., carefully testing one variable against another; for example,two different prices or two different headlines) prove this assumption wrong-and costly-and demonstrate the importance of retelling your whole,best story each and every time.

It’s also dangerous to tire of telling your own story. I personally fight this from time to time.In a speech or doing an interview,or setting down to write a sales letter to my own customers.I find myself shortcutting the “why you should pay attention to my advice”part of the sales story only because I’m tired of telling it.When i catch myself, i dig in and find yet one more way to organize and deliver that information in an interesting and persuasive way.

It is very beneficial to develop expert status and celebrity staus within your particular market.

The third of the three most important things I’ve learned about self promotion is that we tend to gloss over certain facts about our expertise or knowledge that we feel are not worthy of recognition or emphasis.Yet these facts are usually impotant,intriguing,and persuasive to others.A quote from Sports Agent Mark McCormack,”Many companies fail to place a prium on the real dollar worth of their expertise.”He goes on to describe a vast and valuable body of knowledge he acquired in working with over 1,000 companies on promotions involving athltes and celebrites.He took this experience for granted and gave it away for free for too many years,later realing it not only had value in real dollars,but was actually his most useful tool for attracting new corporate clients.

Similarly,I find most people fail to place proper premium on their experience,knowledge,and stregths,and too often fail to make maximum use of everything they possess for self promotion.

Even experiences based on past tragedy or disappointment may have present-day value.For example, I often mention in my speeches that,early in my career, i stumbled badly,went through personal bankruptcy,started over from scratch,and had to make up lost time and money to create wealth and success.You tell people your story,people will be inspired.They had had similar experiences and encouraged by my story.I might help them stand up,be strong,to get the courage to do the same thing.I learned from that,and as a result,have often made a point of talking about this on my internet talk show that feature small business owners and authors.I take the position that there is more to learn from somebody who has failed as well as succeeded.

I’ve worked with many clients developing self marketing videos and articles for their businesses.

You can always uncover a number of  strengths,assets,experiences,and expertise that were being taken for granted and not being judged worthy of promotion.Yet they provided real promotional power when properly used.

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