Self promotion! is it advertising?

We’ve all heard the expression,”Word of mouth is the best form of advertising.”That may be true, but it’s also the slowest form.

To get known quickly,self promotion is an accepted part of advertising.However,for it to be speedily effective it has to be assertive.If it’s too modest and quiet-spoken,there’s a good chance nobody’s going to notice.Hence,the wellworn cliche,”if you don’t blow your own horn,nobody’s going to blow it for you”holds more than a germ of truth.

This is where you must promote yourself without fear. If you like me, self promotion causes you to break into an instant sweat.”it’s very hard for me,”I think.”I can’t do it.”I don’t shy away from telling anyone about my business,but it’s the “shameless”part that makes me nervous.

When self promotion is done well it works well,but not everyone is equipped to do it.I know i do ok. I do have brochures, i do a lot of advertising,learning as i go.I am getting more comfortable with video marketing.I am getting better at writing information about myself.I’m not as embarrassed having to call a client to remind them of a long-booked appointment.It is getting easier to increase my fees.The internet has help me step out in front of my clients.

Once I’m onstage,whether it’s in front of an audience or talking on my internet talk show,my reticence melts away and I’m firm,to the point of being arrogant,about my beliefs and opinions.

So,what is the secret of my modest success? Being there at the right time and knowing it’s the right time and right  for me.Being good at what i do and being fairly intense in declaring it.Being contrary and provocative whenever the opportunity presents itself so people will remember me.

Showing openly that i love what i do so people will recognize my sincerity And,i am told, I possess a teeny bit of charm.

The critical element that must never be left out of this equation is that when you sound off, you had better be right much more than you’re wrong.And you’ue got to have charm.Charm makes the whole mix palatable.

So,promote your virtues and hide your vices but never forget there are other ways. They hold more good taste,more dignity,more style,more class,and more elegance,but,unless you’re extraordinarily lucky,without self promotion there’s a chance you may not be able to stay in business long enough to enjoy them.

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