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It’s a lot easier than it used to be to be a self promoter. In the old days you had to go to networking meeting and press the flesh with a bunch of people who were more interested in getting business than giving it. or you had to hang out at professional associations and hope someone would throw you a crumb.

Not anymore. The internet has change all that for savvy self promoters.Now you can promote yourself at night while sitting in front of your computer wearing ragged shorts and a three day growth.

Here’s a three part internet promotion attack that i teach.

1.Build a Great Website
…and learn how to do it yourself. I don’t mean you have to create the whole thing yourself,just how to update it. This was the best investment in time and money that i made throughtout my entire career.

Get a professional to create the main page and the basic look of the site. It has been my experience that many designers know how to design a gorgeous- looking site, but you need to add the content that will help you sell.So,purchase some simple software and take about 15 minutes to become familiar with it.When you are, you can add page after page after page of solid content to your site yourself. You’ll save yourself a ton of frustration overall.

Once you have the site up and running,spend part off your time promting it and part of your time adding new pages. I teach the theory.The more content rich pages,carefully constructed to attract search engines,you have,the more traffic and business you’ll enjoy.

It’s up to you to learn the website elements,strategies,and psychology that get people to pull out their credit cards. If you are in the dark about good website marking, you won’t get much out of your site.

Get some good training in this area.Magnetic Sponsoring is a great place to start.This is a rapidly changing field and a fascinating new way to do business.

2.Build a Targeted Email list.

This is where the money is. When you build an email list of targeted people that have asked for information from you. you can cut the costs associated with traditional marketing methods-design,printing,postage,labor,agency fees,airtime,etc. Your risk goes down to zero,and your return on investment skyrockets.

You won’t be alone either.Companies large and small are gathering email address for the same reason: cheap and quick marketing.You can hardly find a website that doesn’t entice you to “log in” sign our guest book,””get free tips via email,” or have some other strategy to get your email address. This is all responsible,”opt in”email marketing.It is not “spam,” which is sending promotional email to any email address you can beg,borrow,steal,or buy.

You have to do a little experimenting with your target market to find the right balance of information,marketing, and frequency.Send too many self promotional pieces and other ads and people unsubscribe.Send anything too often and they’ll leave you even quicker.On the other hand,send lots of great information with no marketing content and you’ll be wasting your time because you haven’t given  them a chance to buy.

Keep in  mind that a small, targeted list will make more money than a big,general list. With a targted list you can define the wants and needs of the people on the list and create products and services that they will want to buy.

3.You got to have a product base.

Your great website pulls in new people,and your electronic direct mail markets back to them. But what are you marketing?(Magnetic Sponsoring)

You’ve got to have a product base.You may already have a line of products,but as your company base grows, you can survey them to find out about needs that you can fulfill. When you find out about what your target audience wants,then you can either adapt your products or create new ones to fill these niches. your own customers will tell you what they want.In addition to the traditional hard goods that most companies sell,many businesses have knowledge that people would buy if they had the chance.Informational products in form of books,ebooks,tapes,dvds,and downloadable products are all very high profits,low risk add-on ventures.These informational products actually make it much easier to sell your traditional or main product line.The whole idea is to distribute good and helpful information to earn the trust of your market.

Once you’ve earned their trust by exposing them to your knowledge,your customers will become much more comfortable spending money with you. This is especially true on the internet.Most people are still apprehensive about buying online.If they take the plunge with you and have a good experience,they are very likely to stick with you and buy everything you put out.

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