Search Engine Optimization the right way.

Search Engine Optimization the right way.

Anyone who has ever written a keyword targeted article or blog post knows what Search Engine Optimization keywords are. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization, to put it simply, is using key search words in your writing to ensure your web page pops  up whenever someone types that keyword into the search engine.

Search Engine Optimization

Are you Search Engine Optimization ready?

I know, it sounds much more confusing than it actually is. Search Engine Optimization is one of the most beneficial and easiest forms of keeping your business in the loop. There is no particular skill involved (other than being a skillful writer) and there is absolutely no cost to you.

Is you blog Search Engine Optimization ready?

One way that people utilize Search Engine Optimization to their best advantage is by writing articles on their website. Articles are going to help you make the most of your marketing abilities:

− They describe your products

− They prompt open ended discussions

− They utilize the search engines

− They allow you to show your expertise

Articles Describe Your Products

Search Engine Optimization helps sell yourself and your product.

I should start by saying that articles are not the same thing as blogs. Articles are expertly written “How To’s” that people read to gather information. Blogs are your random train of thought to keep people entertained and connect to them on a human level.

By writing articles on your website, you are able to give yourself the chance to describe your product to those who may not be familiar with it.  While I do consider myself a crafty person. Now, the question is, how on earth did my Internet know how to find what I was looking for?

There’s the genius in Search Engine Optimization. The Internet is not some magic device that just knows what you want and provides it for you in some whimsical way. The Internet uses keywords.

Whenever you type something into the search engine, the internet automatically shifts through billions of words, articles, and other miscellaneous internet things to find for you websites and pages that have that keyword or phrase in them.

If I type the world “monkey” into my search engine everything that has to do with monkeys comes up. It’s a fast and convenient way of doing research.

As a marketing entrepreneur, however, you already know that monkey is a very broad spectrum. There are different types of live monkeys, there are toy monkeys, there are zoo monkeys and there are monkeys that only live in storybooks.

So how do I sort through my monkeys now? I tighten my keywords. Suppose I need to write something on old world monkeys. I would type ‘old world monkeys’ into the search engine and anything that has ever been written and posted on the internet that has anything at all to do with old world monkeys is going to pop up (theoretically).

This, however, is still way too broad of an idea for my tiny monkey report on yellow baboons. This causes me to type in yellow baboons into my search engine and see what happens.

Everything that shows up now is centered on yellow baboons. This means that the keyword phrase ‘yellow baboons’ is much more beneficial than simply typing in ‘monkeys’ when I have research to do.

The Internet weaved through every little word and video of yellow baboons and posted them for me to look at. One of the things that I can tell you about Search Engine Optimization is that:”You must use the right keywords for your product in order for Search Engine Optimization to work best.”

If you have a business based on Jonathan apples and you want to write articles on your website for keyword Search Engine Optimization, the best thing to do is make sure your articles contain the words ‘Jonathan apples’.

The Internet is going to look for your articles anytime someone types in those words, which will really help your webpage stand out in that search engine organization.

The number of times you use your keywords when writing an article for your website will be pertinent to your search engine optimization as well. If you overuse the keywords there’s a risk the search engines will penalize your website. You don’t want to over-saturate with keywords.

Google is very particular about Search Engine Optimization.Your Home Page Your website should have more than one page, in fact, you should have numerous pages full of fascinating information on your website for people admire and look through and remember.

Your home page is the most important part of your homepage is the page people see first so there are things you need to have accomplished on page one:

− Eye-catching style

− Keywords

− An excellent first article with great copy

− Product descriptions

Eye-catching style is an absolute must. It’s not enough that you have a website, as we talked about before you have to make sure that your website is visually appealing to people who click on it.

Your home page is the first thing people notice about you. They might say “Wow, this person is selling chocolate covered bacon!” but if you don’t have a stylish eye-catching webpage to post pictures of your choco bacon on, then you aren’t going to get many buyers.

Visual marketing.

Think of your web page as your clothing. If you go out on a first date, you don’t want to be in your jogging pants and ratty old concert T-shirt, do you? No, you want to be dressed in your best. You want your date to see you as the beautiful person you are.

The same idea goes for your webpage. You don’t want a white background and some limited visual text. You want to show how classy and cool you are and appeal to whoever it is that’s looking on your page.


You must have keywords on your webpage in order for people to take notice of it. In other words, if your chocobacon site is talking about pig farming and making candy bars then you are not being clear on your product. Have one very strong opening page, like a small article detailing your business, which utilizes your specific keywords- that is Search Engine Optimization.

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