Promote and Build Your List

Promote and build Your List with our Instant List Machine.

1.Identify and make a list of your fans.

Promote Your fans- they represent the people who demonstrated that they value your products and services. They are the individuals who promote and give you referrals, and rate you high on evaluations and customers satisfaction surveys. Your fans are the ones that promote you as great.

2.Help your fans promote you.


Let your fans know in advance.

In order for your fans to do the best job in promoting you, they will need your help. Your fans will ask you what you want them to say about you,so be prepared. What do you want your fans to say about you? What do you want your fans to say about your products and/or services? Take a moment to make a list of a few sentences and phrases that you would like your fans to tell others about you. Example: I highly recommend that you get a copy of the hollischapmanshow book.

3.Promote by asking your fans for feedback.

If you are clear about what you want your fans to say about you, you’ll know the right questions to ask them when you gather feedback from them. Once you receive their response to your questions, assuming it is very favorable response, you can ask them to share their experience with others. Their comments can be presented in a letter of recommendation, a written or verbal testimonial statement, or have them promote it in a literature.

4.Ask for help.

Could you promote for me? The simplest way to obtain promotional support is to ask. There are several things your fans can do to help promote you and your business. For example, they can help you run a booth at a trade show, display your literature in their office, or nominate you for an award.

Make it as easy as possible for your fans to promote you. Provide your fans with sample letters of recommendation loaded with examples of the types of statements you want them to say about you. Avoid making it necessary for your fans to pay for expenses related to promoting you.

5.Promote your fans.

A major key to obtaining promotional support is to provide your fans with promotional support. Seek every opportunity to contribute to the success of your prospective fans. Provide them with information, contacts, ideas, resources, and referrals. Your fans will be more willing to promote you the more you contribute to their success. A word of caution: Only promote fans that you respect and believe in. Whatever you say must be truthful.

6.Promote with praise and reward your fans.

Show your appreciation to anyone you discover saying wonderful things about you and our company.

At a minimum, send a thank you note or card. Your acknowledgment will encourage them to continue to provide specifics when speaking about you in the future.

7.Stay in touch and hang out with your fans.

The more you promote and communicate with your fans the more they will tell others about you. Through staying in touch you will learn about opportunities,changes, and plans that you otherwise would not have know. I future recommend that you communicate with your fans, in a quality way, at least every 30 to 60 days.One of the smartest things you can do to get your fans to promote you is simply to hangout with them.

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