Product Advertising Space costs the same.

Product Advertising space costs the same whether it pulls zero orders,10 orders,or 50 orders.

That’s why our little persuasion tricks for product advertising is so important.

Product advertising

Create Your Own Product.

They add on like one brick on top of another brick, building you a pile a cash. All you have to do is create an effective product advertising campaign that generates more profit than it costs to deliver the sales pitch and the product. if is is an information product,then your only goal is to earn more than what you are paying for advertising, because information products like internet downloads cost you very little to send to customer.

Product advertising should be good and always deliver more value than they promise because there is nothing more profitable than repeat and referral business from satisfied customers. Combining all the tricks of the trade I am outlining here will increase the effectiveness of your sales letters and make you at least a nice second income.

In the direct marketing business it is actually harder to make $100 than to make $10,000. Once you have an effective product advertising campaign you can publish it with variations so that millions of people will see it and act on it.

Your first customer will not have a million names on their mailing list.But 99% of smaller businesses don’t have good copy-writers.

Why? Mom and Pop run the show,if you or I visit these people and offer to increase their sales for a percent of the increase, half the time they will hire you on a trial basis. Once they hire you, you should start making some money. You will also start building an impressive achievement  album to put on your website. Once you can show and tell new clients how effective your  product advertising is, your career will take off.

Product advertising your Niche.

A little segment of market that you can position yourself as an expert in and do a keyword research. I use free Google keyword tool to give me suggestions on the keywords I’ll need. It will show me how popular each keyword is (how many monthly searches it gets) so I can accurately estimate on how much traffic i can expect and how big my product advertising budget should be.

I know from the start how challenging it will be to enter the niche.

Once I know the general outline of my new product advertising campaign i will create an E book, a book, special reports, whatever I want.

Then you write the sales letter. You can outsource this to one of our guests on the show.

Once the product advertising is in place, we will test it. I upload the blank version of the sales letter, give the product advertising a little budget in AdWords, and it places ads for me on Google. For example, when someone enters keyword “small business marketing”, my ad will show up, and bring targeted traffic to my website.

From my product advertising campaign orders- I’ll know whether my product is going to be profitable or not.

I may have to TEST the price, the offer, the bonuses, the length and strength of my guarantee.

Once I have settled on the price that works best, I start tweaking my letter, and have my designer create a 3D image of the E-book, or whatever the product is.

Then I contact old customers to give some testimonials for this product advertising campaign.

If  I don’t get many, I’ll boost the quality of the product. If I didn’t get many sales, I’ll approach some guys who are willing to review my product for free. That way I get real people to give me their honest testimonials. This always boosts the image of my products.

Now everything is designed and up and ready. i am launching an official product advertising where I am checking how many dollars I get for each dollar invested. If I like what I see, I set up the daily and monthly budget in my AD Words account, and create a few variations of the headlines, fields and offers. All these variations will test and track to see which ones are the most profitable. You get reports showing the variations.

Finally, I reduce the cost of Ad Words by seeing which keywords are profitable, which aren’t bringing in cash customers. After that I look for other product advertising sources to test.



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