Principles of Self Promotion

1.Understand the Goal

The goal of promotion is to get the right message to the right people at the right time. These three rights are critical to your ultimate promotion success.

The message will give your targeted,first choice customers compelling reasons-advantage and benefits-for doing business with you.Your message must give these customers all the information they need to take the action you desire.The right person it your targeted first choice customer.A TFC cutomer has a serious need or want for what you are promoting.They have the ability to pay e full price.They influence others in a positive manner.Once you identify your TFC cutomers, you can aim your message directly at them.

The right time for promotion leads the need. You should promote prior to time when your TFC cutomers are most likely to buy. When will they have a need? is there a season for what you’re promoting and selling? When will your  TFC customers be flush with funds?

2.Sell the Truth

Promotion that works in the long term is nothing more than truth well told.In promoting yourself,there is no room for exaggeration,half-truths.

No promotion based on integrity can be better than the product.It is critical to improve the product(you) constantly.You must grow your skills,increase your knowledge,and multiply your talents.New abilities make you worth more and give you new confidence.

Don’t try to sell more than you can deliver. Be honest and know your limits.

3.Sweat the Small Stuff

One of the common factors found in the lives of truly successful that they are will to do the things that most people overlook or too lazy to do.Paying attention to simple little things that most men negglect makes a few men rich.

Small details often fall into four categories, direct promises,implied promises,accuracy,and completeness.It takes time and effort to get the small stuff right.Howeverr,the payoff is loyal customers and increased earning power.

The solution is simple:Under-promise,over-deliver.Get it right,get it done.

4.You live well by Promoting Your Strenghs

Think of those people whose achievements you admire.What do they sell? they live well by selling their strenghs.

5.Everywhere You Go,Sell Everything You’ve Got

Never miss an opportunity to promote everything you’ve got.

6.Promote the Value,Not the price.

What all customers want is value.Value is the relationship between price and quality and quanity.Value is a seesaw.Price is on one end of the seesaw,and quality and quanity are on the other.When the customer feels there is a balance,they buy.

7.Forget the Sizzle-Promote the Steak

Focus on substance.Promote quality.Extol the advantages and benefits you offer. These are lasting,mesuraable elements,Outlandish gimmicks and schemes are fleeting,marginal promotion techniques.

Hot sizzle will sell a tough steak,but only once.A good steak cooked to prefection will guarantee repeat business.Give your customers great results and they will guarantee your success.

8.learn he Promotion Power Phrase

Too many would be promoters use the wrong inducement. They try to sell features,facts,and statistics.People don’t buy characteristics,qualities,and numbers; they buy the benefits those elements bring.

The power phase is “The benefit to you are….”Put yourself into the customer’s place and list the advantage you offer.Then promote the benefits.Even when the benefits seem obvious,point them out.

9.Promote to Elephants

When it comes to potential,all customers are not created equal.If the goal of self promotion is to catapult your career or build your business,promote to the “elephants.”These elephants are bigger potential custmers that can generate rising revenues and pleasant profits with the lowest possible promotion cost.

10.Dealing with Change

Be the person who is in charge of change!don’t be the follower,whose existence depends on some one else.Be the one who makes the decisons.

The moral of this principle is:Change happens.You can watch it happen and then react to change,or you can make it happen and let others react.I choose to be proactive and make change happen.Then with professional self promotion I’ll attract a croww to me.As I help them become successful,they will make me successful.Thats’s my future.How about yours?Are you going to use these ten power principles to boost your career and increase your earning power?Or will you go on to the next story and let another year slip by while other self promoters achieve their dreams? it’s your choice.

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