Post to your blog with Passion!

Post to your blog with Passion!

How Often Should You Post- how much passion do you have?

Passion when you first start your blog, you probably are brimming with ideas and will want to publish all the time. That’s fine, but just remember that a month or six down the line, you may not have as much enthusiasm for writing on your blog as you do when you are just starting out, so if you get your readers accustomed to receiving a new blog post every day, it may be hard to keep that pace later.

Blogging with passion

Do you blog with passion?

A better plan is to start out with just a couple of blog posts per week. That way you aren’t committing to a publishing schedule that you may not be able to sustain.

You should try to stick to the same general publishing schedule all the time because as you grow a loyal readership following, they will begin to look for your for passion in your  blog. For example, if you publish a new blog post every Monday and Friday, they can expect to see fresh content on those days.

Types of Blog Posts that you have passion.

There are as many types of blog posts as there are blogs. In other words, millions. The type of blog post you publish will depend on what you want to achieve. You may want to share your passion for your subject matter with other enthusiasts.Or you may want chronicle occurrences in your everyday life, such as your career advancement, battling a serious illness, or your social life. Generally, blog posts can be categorized into seven major categories:

Personal — This is the broadest category and includes blog posts people write about their own lives or topics that interest them, such as politics, music,passion family, travel, and fitness.

Top Ten of Top Tips – These types of blog posts typically list your top ten choices whatever subject you like, or offer your top tips on a subject.
How-to Blog Post – These are blog posts that education people on the best ways to perform individual tasks. They frequently in form of video blog posts.

Reviews — There are lots of blog posts that share reviews about restaurants, movies, games, music, books and so on.

Rant Post – These are blog posts that let you give your opinion on whatever topic you like. It’s your blog, so you can be as opinionated as you like.

Video Post – This is when you make a brief video and post it on your
blog. It also can be posted on YouTube.

Audio/Podcast – Make an audio recording and post is as a blog post. You also can post it on iTunes.
Promotional Post — These are blog posts that promote specific products, offerings and events.
Resource Posts – With these blog posts, you list top resources for whatever topic you are writing about.

Developing Blog Topics with passion

As a regular blogger, you will need to be continually looking for new ideas for blog posts you can share with your readers. That means you will need to take time to gather ideas. One of the best and easiest ways to do this is by looking at what other people who write blogs on your topic are doing.

Whenever other bloggers subscribe to your blog, you should consider
subscribing to theirs as well. Not only will it keep you in touch with the online
community that shares your enthusiasm for your topic, but it also will provide
you with a steady supply of new blog post ideas delivered directly into your

Before you write a single word, your first week should be spent gathering
ideas, clarifying your subject and looking at what other people are doing in
order to solidify the concept of the new blog you want to create.

Organizing how you develop your blog will depend on your own abilities and needs. Some bloggers prefer people specific blog posts scheduled for weeks ahead of time so they know exactly what to write about all the time. Others have no idea what they are going to write about when they turn on their computers.

The majority of bloggers fall somewhere in between, keeping a file with a few
vague ideas that can be developed further during the blog post writing process.
You may be brimming with ideas for your new blog right now, but use caution
and try not to bite off more than you can chew. Blogging requires passion, time
commitment and focus.

While you may be chomping at the bit and filled with great ideas now, start slow and build on your success as you go along. You can always publish as frequently as you want, but when you create expectations for your readers, it can be difficult to sustain those expectations indefinitely.

Video Blogs can show the world your passion.

Videos can be added using the same media tool you use to add photos and other images to your blog post. They can be downloaded from your computer, from a video camera, or you can add a link to a video from another site, such as YouTube.

Video blogs are increasing in popularity because of the wide availability
of high definition video cameras on smart phones, tablets and laptops, as well
as the near universality of playback devices. Video lets you show – as well as
Tell — your readers how to do specific tasks. Video blogging is a great way to give your readers high-value content and they can see the passion.

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