Positive thinking is tough

Positive thinking is tough

Think Positive. Of course, it is easier said than done. But it can be practiced. If you always look at things in a positive way even when everything seems awry, you will always stay composed.

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Positive and winning

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Also, the connection between mind and body is very strong. If you are always thinking positive, it is amazing how things usually just start to fall where they should be. Know that negative thoughts are normal.

Negative thoughts are scary because they are an indication that something is very wrong. But once you learn to accept that it is only normal to feel that way, you will soon get used to it and begin to feel better.

Positive inspiration.

For example, it might scare you that your boss is always shouting. But once you convince yourself that shouting is his normal voice and tone, it will no longer scare you. Find the right inspiration. There is nothing wrong with doing things for other people. You might want to do it for your parents, siblings, friends, or that special someone in your life.

Having these things will keep you motivated and positive focused. When you are feeling down, just think of how they want you to succeed and what your success will mean to them. It will get your mood back.

Be your own inspiration. The danger with having an inspiration is the possibility of falling over once the source of inspiration is gone. For example, if you are persevering with a goal because of a special someone, a breakup can make you lose your commitment to keep being positive.

This is why it is important that you make yourself one of your inspirations. No matter what, your self will always be there even when everyone else is not. Set a final goal. Have one clear goal in mind.

Maybe you are doing things to have a bigger house, a better job, a higher salary, and other positive things. In any case, if you keep your eyes focused on one final goal, you will have more energy and enthusiasm to crush down whatever comes between you and your dream.

Segment your goal. Keeping your eye on one final goal will keep you on track. But that

also means you will not be satisfied until you achieve it. So to feel satisfaction along the way, why not divide your goal into smaller goals and achieve them one by one? For example, if your aim is to have USD 1,000,000 in your account, why not start with 100,000, then 200,000, then 300,000, and so forth? Recall your goal daily.

Every morning when you wake up, why not start the day by refreshing your mind about your positive goals? This way, you will be able to start every morning head on and in high spirit and energy. You may also do this after lunch, after your afternoon nap, and every time you feel like it. Exercise humble optimism.

Thinking positive will help you go a long way. But if you are always overly optimistic, you might be paving way to greater disappointment. When being optimistic, you should approach it with a humble heart.

Know which goals are realistic and which are unrealistic. Always remember that optimism and positive thinking should still be based on facts and possible outcomes. Exercise healthy pessimism. The word ‘pessimism’ always appears as a negative word. However, it can actually help you in your goals. Of course, you should not always think that things will go wrong.

But if you somehow expect the possibility, you will not feel as disappointed or as frustrated when the failure actually takes place. You will be able to bounce back right away. Jump ahead. After a failure, a disappointment, or an episode of depression, you might not feel like getting back on track right away.

But this is what many successful people realized: ‘just jump right back on track even when you do not feel like it and soon you will feel the excitement again’. Visualize the steps you need to take. If you know which path to take, which turns to go to, and which blocks to avoid while on your journey to reaching your goals, you will feel more confident because you know what you are doing.

So before starting your quest for achievement, you should visualize how you plan to get there. Have a backup plan. The path you visualized might be ideal. However, things do not always happen how we planned it.

So just in case things do not go the way you planned them, it will help a lot to have a backup plan. This way, you will not feel as disappointed or as frustrated because something has got your back. Make a progress chart.

Achieving your goal is like the download bar that shows up onscreen when you are downloading a media file – maybe an audio or a movie clip. Each time the bar moves, you feel more excited because you know it is becoming closer to finishing.

So if you keep a chart of your progress, it will invigorate and encourage you when you see your progress moving up. Take time to look back. Because achievers are sometimes too focused on their final goal, they sometimes forget how far they have already gone.

Without them knowing, they have already achieved many great things. Therefore, it is important that you sometimes look back and see the things you have already done. You might be surprised of what you will see.

Have other positive goals in life. If you only focus on goal, you will soon feel how suffocating it is. To feel refreshed from time to time, why not pursue other goals as well? For instance, if you are in a power job and you are seeking a higher position in your company, why not do other things during your free time like learning how to bake, learning how to fish, or learning how to saw? Make smaller achievements.

This is more about making you feel better about yourself. If you are backed up by many smaller achievements in life, you will feel very confident about your skills. So when a problem comes along the way, you will have more guts to face it heads on. Avoid small mistakes.

As you pursue your goals, it is inevitable that you will make some mistakes. This is healthy because you will learn from these. But there are also such things as ‘unnecessary mistakes’ or mishaps you could have done without.

These mistakes will make you feel less confident and less worthy so avoid them at all cost. Avoid becoming the perfectionist. If you are going to do it, you better do it right – or so a perfectionist would say. And yes, this is a good approach.

But try not to overdo it. Nobody can be too perfect about everything and aiming for perfection will only bring you more disappointment and frustration. Do not panic. Once a problem presents itself, it is natural that you will react in some way.

But stay aware and watch yourself for panic. When you realize that you are going out of control, take some time to sit back and relax. If you manage to stop panic at its tracks, the rest will follow. Sort out the unimportant worries.

We have many worries in life. However, many of them are unimportant and have nothing to do with our main goals. Sort out these less important ones, purge them, and you will have more energy to take on the problems that really matter.

Taking a load off your shoulders will make you feel invigorated and revitalized. For example, if you need to do something about your grades in school or performance in your work, maybe you should first stop worrying about your lack of budget for that upcoming Disney vacation. Have a simple eye.

Having a simple eye means being satisfied with simple things and wanting simple things. This way, your own self will not be difficult to please. Also, your goals will be easier to achieve.

A person with a simple approach to life is less often frustrated and disappointed. It is living lightly with fewer worries in life. Loosen up the gear. It means you should not be too strict with yourself.

So instead of telling yourself what you must do, what you need to do, and what standards to follow, why not loosen up a bit and try going easier with yourself? Many cannot see it, but the worst bully can be one’s own self. If you loosen up a bit, maybe you will start feeling lighter.

And soon, you will again have the energy to get back on track. Find friendly and supportive competition. These are goal-oriented people who are also pursuing goals in life. If you keep people like that around, you can create a healthy and supportive competition. With each time they step higher, you will also feel motivated to rise higher. And no, you and your friends do not have to be going after the same thing.

For example, you may be aiming to have higher grades in academics and your friend may be aiming to win nationals in school sports. Celebrate the success of others. If you have friends which you can compete with in reaching higher goals, you all can achieve great things.

However, you may feel disappointed and crushed if one of your friends succeeds first and you are left behind. The feeling of envy can be hard to battle. To avoid this, why not throw a party for him or treat him to dinner as a reward this can help you stay positive.

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