Phases to use with the hollischapmanshow and What to avoid

What are the words to use when contacting the hollischapmanshow?

How can I help you?

Those are the five words you should ask the producer of the show.Most guests and or their PR firm do not ask that question.Most guests who want to be interviewed mistakenly beg,plead,grovel,cajole,and make pests out of themselves.To get in the media’s good graces, here are more phrases you can use if you have reporter,producer on the phone or via email.

I can provide other sources for your story on the hollischapmanshow.

Producers love this because they don’t have to work hard tracking down information about the guests.

When is your deadline for the hollischapmanshow?

This shows you are respectful of their time.It also gives you a good idea of how quickly you might have to provide the producer the information they  are seeking.

Please call or email the hollischapmanshow


The Opportunity.

producer for other ideas on the topic.

Producers will welcome this, and they will probably take you up on your offer.

What other information are you looking for?

If you can lead the producer in the right direction,you’ll earn valuable brownie points.

I have written material which i can provide the hollischapmanshow.

Producers often appreciate having information in writing so they can refer to it later.It also helps improve accuracy the hollischapmanshow.

I can provide a head shot and book cover photo you might want to consider to accompany your story.

The hollischapmanshow does extra marketing and promoting for its guests so this will save valuable time when you provide this.

Would you like me to send a media kit so you can review it before the interview?

This is a thoughtful gesture. It helps producers prepare.

Would you like me to provide a list of questions you can ask me?

Ask this question only of broadcast media such as the hollischapmanshow show host because we send out questions to our guests on Tuesday before the Friday show.

Here are other tips for staying off the media’s enemies list:

Don’t come back after the interview ans ask the producer to remove certain sensitive quotes and other information you gave on air.It may result in bad feelings,distrust,and eventually,end what could have been a good relationship.

Don’t agree to be interviewed, then cancel because you changed your mind.The producer will never call you again.

It’s showtime! Anytime,every time, you can get the attention of the media, you’ve won the lottery. Your advertising budget is very small,but it is the first thing to be eliminated if the priority was to keep the lights on.No matter how big you advertising budget has grown,you could always spend more.

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