Path to Business Abundance.

Bestselling authors Scott and Camber Simson business and life interview.

1. Tell us a little about yourself-and your business.

My name is Scott Simson and my wife is Camber we are a business team.

We wrote the book Fox and the Mountain: Creating Your Path to Abundance. Our book is a allegorical fiction that symbolizes the journey success and fulfillment.

The story is an adaptation of our own personal journey to a successful business.

The book illustrates the principles necessary to elevate from where one stands currently to where one desires to be in life and business.

Camber and I found ourselves in a precarious situation a few years ago with our life and business. We were down and out with $3 in our bank account and thousands of dollars in business debt. From that point we were able to raise ourselves to a six figure income in six months and all of our business debt paid off. This book shares the principles of success in business and life.

2. How do we change the thought of a failed business?

I’m meant for something more in life and business- How do we take action?

The first step that Camber and I teach is to make the choice to take personal responsibility. We have to stop blaming others for our problems, difficulties and troubles in our business.

We are responsible for our own lives, and until we realize that we are giving control to the negative situations that consume our thoughts. The only person who will bring us success is ourselves.
3. Creating Your path to Abundance! Their are a lot of how to books on the topic, what makes you and Camber different?


Both Camber and I felt that teaching these our business principles and decisions would be best presented through a fictional story.

We both are the type of people that like to learn through inspirational stories rather than direct, step by step lessons. We do offer step by step coaching, but as far as our books go, so they are fictional inspirational stories. The other thing that sets us apart from others, is that this book was derived from our personal journey, not just something that we heard  and adaption of someone else’s material. We lived the business story to the top of the Mountain.

4. Who is this book meant for in business?

The age demographic for this book is 16-50. Teens and adults who desire a life of abundance should read this book. Camber and I want to emphasize that this book is not only for those who seek business financial abundance, it meant for those who desire abundance in every aspect of their lives.

5. What brought you and your wife together? Was it because you are like minded in life and business?

I think that subconsciously Camber and I knew that our minds would blend well together, but we did not figure that out for a few years. Now it is like magic, she fills in my weak areas and I fill in hers. I would love to say, ‘in perfect harmony,’ but that’s not the truth. We have our ups and downs like every other business couple, but we love and cherish each other and love working together.
6. This is a people book, but you use animals for each chapter, share on why you guys did that.
I think that a lot of the reason that we wrote the book using animals was because our first book, Fox and the Mountain – A Parable, was what this story was adapted from. Our first book was an illustrated children’s book with the entire cast animals from our new book. We kept the setting the same in Creating Your Path to Abundance, we just added the detail to make it more applicable to the older business demographic.


Then on another level, we both felt that if we could get people to step back and completely remove themselves from the equation at a conscious level, then maybe subconsciously they would find what they were seeking through inspiration. The animals were another way to help that process.
7. Talk about your life turnaround, not just the book, speaking, consulting; share with the listeners, how important it is to add to your business.

Camber and I have been very active in sharing what we learned through our turnaround. We coach, blog, and I travel around and speak and consult groups and organizations in the ‘Choices of Success.’ Our desire is to help people learn and grow their life and business from our message. We want everyone to know that if we can do it so can they.

8. What is normal work business week for you and Camber?I once heard that the secret to success is to wake up early and go to bed late. I try to live by this philosophy. I wake up at 4 or 5am every morning and get started on my day.

Camber wakes up around 6. Then we work all day and go to bed around 11pm. We have done this for a good portion of our marriage. We also understand that success comes from doing the work that we don’t want to do, so we try to do that. Our business life is not a complex formula, it is very simple, we do work that makes us successful and try to be efficient with everything else.
9. What is your favorite chapter? and why?

I really love the ‘Cat’ chapter because of the detail of her character. She always reminds me of a Tim Burton character with her grossness. I always want to skip over her part, but find myself being sucked in to this image of this sick patchy cat.

Camber loves the ‘Donkey’ chapter. She likes Donkey’s description and whiney attitude. We really had a fun time over emphasizing the attitudes of each of the characters. The goal was for the readers to associate each character with an attitude of someone that they know, to realize the impact to their own life. The real gem is when a reader will associate the attitude of a character to themselves and work to change that behavior.
10. Final comment: What travel experience changed your life?

Camber and I have had some great travel experiences this last year. We went to the Caribbean last spring and to Destin Florida over Thanksgiving. Though there were certain aspects of both trips that were amazing and relaxing, we both feel that just the ability to do these things as a family is what has been most exciting. The life change came from sharing these great experiences with those we love most. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how successful you are in material things, if you are not successful in your relationships and business you are not successful.


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