Networking!three basic steps.

There are three basic steps to networking:Process,People,and Practice.

The first basicstep is Process. As part of the process,answer the following questions:

1.Why am i networking?

2.Who will i be networking with?

3.What am i able to give to the process?

4.What do i hope to gain?

5.When will i network?

Next set basic goals for networking.Decide on a particular time of day or week when you will proactively network.Set up a system for tracking the contacts you make,a good computer-based system is best.Prepare the tools of networking:business cards,thank you notes,brochures.Make sure that your materials are professional and reflect you.Remember that you want to make positive connections!

People: Where can we network to meet the people we want to build relationships with?

Chambers of commerce

Online Forums

Networking groups

Professional associations


Chartiable organizations

Facebook Fan Page

Basic Practice To be successful at networking,practice is critical.

First impressions are important,so keep in mind that you only have one opportunity to make a positive first impression. Here are five guidelines to follow that will help make the practice perfect!

1.Keep basic business cards with you at all times,along with a pen for jotting notes on cards you receive to help you remember where and why you have them.

2.Have a basic”TMAY”(Tell Me About Yourself).

Practice a short phase that will enable you to respond professionally and in a manner that will attract interest and lead you into a meaningful conversation.

3.Remember the Three Foot Rule:Anyone within three feet(about the length of a handshake)be careful with this one,is a prospect and possible contact for you.

4.Always smile at people : It’s contagious!

5.Have fun:You never know when you’ll meet a new best friend!

Networking basic is an attitude;process,place,and practice will enable you to impress people favorable! The basic with networking is always try to be alert and listen to the people around me, to find that key connection! Networking is my passion,my pleasure,and my best sales tool!

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