My Rain Guidebook interview with Sandy Galiano

My rain guidebook by Sandy Galiano shares her personal story on the hollischapmanshow.

1.Tell us a little about yourself,and your new book about rain.

I’m 30 years old with a passion for life and the enjoyment of rain.

I created a rain website with the headline “Getting to know yourself to live a happy and peaceful life.” I write a monthly blog in order to illustrate this principle. The blog is my Monthly Meditation and I am really honest about what is happening in my life. Its inspirational by giving the reader the truth. I also write a weekly column for which I am happy to share has been an opportunity that came up for me recently. I do practice yoga as well as running and other activities to keep me healthy. The most important thing I practice is what I preach.

My journey even though my memoir- A Decade of my rainy days.

Which leads me into the release of my eBook “Umbrellas in the Rain guidebook.
Find Forgive Accept Yourself.” I wrote this book for readers to have a clear understanding of my journey even though my memoir “Umbrellas In the Rain: A Decade of my rainy days and Making Sense of the Nonsensical to Find the 28 yr old Woman I Am and Love” told the whole story. Just in case the listeners haven’t heard of either of my books.. My memoir comes from actual rain journal entries I had in a pile of books in my room. I wanted to get rid of them or at least condense it so I started typing up what I had. To be honest I was shocked at how stupid I was. I wrote some of the dumbest things and really made life much more difficult. I realized how much I had changed. Little did I know then that I would commit the ultimate betrayal and share my inner most thoughts captured in my diaries in a book I would release as a memoir. 18-28…a lot happens in this decade of anyone’s life so keep in mind I had to place an adult disclaimer on my book for the content.
Because the rain book was kept as a diary it becomes hard to see where the changes take place and how certain things (good and bad) became critical for my own self evolution. That is why I created the rain guidebook which mirrors the memoir with hindsight and gives the reader insights on how to apply life lessons into their own lives. My biggest wish is to use my books, my life, and my mistakes to show others what they may have forgotten. What is that? Stay true to yourself even in the rain.
2.Share with us how you came up with the title of your book.
“Umbrellas In the Rain” comes from the thought I believed as a teenager which was: I was born with bad luck. And when it rains it pours for me so it was this idea that I saw others who didn’t have bad luck, those who had umbrellas in the rain.
3.What can we learn from your life rain lessons?
Its ok to make mistakes if you move forward with wisdom, forgiveness, and acceptance.
Also understand that others will also make mistakes and its important to be open to the evolution of change not just for yourself but also for every single person. All that means is accept people for who they are in order to make an informed decision on whether or not you choose to continue to have them in your life.
4.Why do so many people feel along and empty, is it because of the rain?
I think its important to understand your own feelings as you move along your journey in life. Many times we do something we don’t want to do. We can tell whether or not something feels right for us. The feelings we have will never lie to us so its essential to pay attention. If you ignore yourself enough then you will lose sight of your own happiness and wonder what happened. I don’t want to be 80 yrs old and contemplating life for the very first time.
5.Tried to do everything on your own! this happens a lot. What should you have done?
Each person is unique with different tastes. I happen to be the kind of person who likes to take on my tasks independently so it gets done effectively. I tend to be the leader in a group for the sake of managing the talents of the group and have a smooth running operation. The first step in knowing what to do when you are trying to do everything on your own is ask yourself whether its too much,just like a heavy rain storm.
6.18 was a young age to make those big rain changes,what was your WOW moment? did you have a mentor?
My greatest mentors have been my Dad and my Mom. I grew up being very close to my Dad and listening to his words of wisdom even though I didn’t quite understand it all. (now i do) And then there was my relationship with my mom which was difficult for me. I was not very close to her by my choice not hers. I never insulted her or treated her bad, actually my dad taught us that above all else we should love our mother. and so for me my WOW moment was when I got it.
7.What are you doing to market your book(s) and your business? what is working for you? what is not working?
I started a website a year ago ( and of course I take all my business advice from Marie Forleo. I have implemented the strategies she has recommended. What works for me is staying local and getting to know people on a personal level. Thats the plus side of not being famous, YET. 🙂
I can tell you right now that what is not working is being an I in team. At first I was able to do it all on my own as I figured the ins and outs of starting out as an author and taking it on as my business.
8.Do you use social media? how are you using social media?
Yes! I have a Facebook Page and a twitter account under Sandy Galiano. I’m sure I can get into a few others but for now all I can handle is those two.
I use social media really to express my rain stories so others can get to know me better.
If there is a quote I like then I will post it. If I tried something new then I will share it. Social media is like the girlfriend I talk to about whats going on in my life. I do promote myself with it, after all I love what I write and want to share my rain books with those who follow me.
9.Share some tips on how you did your book launch?
My book launch last year was incredible. I had the support of a wonderful business called Sheila Kelley’s S Factor so I was able to do a book tour at S Factor studios, starting here in Chicago then followed by their studios in California. I had to cancel the trip to New York because it was a lot of planning that I had not prepared for.
My tips for a book launch is to get busy with a lot of prep time before anything even happens. This is an area where I definitely recommend having a team of people help you out. I didn’t plan for that which is why I had to cancel New York. Had I pre planned and had a team in place then I would have gone ahead.
10.Final comment: What travel experience changed your life?
I just returned from a 2 week trip to Ecuador and I have to admit that this trip has changed my life. I honestly just went to visit family and relax. I didn’t bring my cell phone or computer to work and was not planning on writing. (I write with a pen and paper by the way.) 

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