MLM Proposals:How to build a network marketing business

The MLM proposal is the process of selling an inexpensive but useful product.

On the front end such as mlm training, PDF file,ebooks,Skype conference calls.This will help you cover your advertising expenses,and then back-ending the real product or opportunity,which my Xango business in this case.

The MLM proposal allows you to dive into paid forms of advertising like Facebook pay-per-click yet still advertise for free or close to it.

If we were your typical rep in Xango getting into paid advertising, we would spend quite a bit of money generating leads for our business at an average cost of $3.00 to $15.00 each.We don’t make a dime of that back until we acquire a customer or new rep.

Unless your really good at turning leads into distributors,you’re will not stay in the MLM business very long.If you’re building on a budget,and you want to get into paid advertising,always use a MLM proposal.

Benefits of a MLM Proposal:

1.The high sales rate of an information product funds your advertising and increase your cash flow instantly. You reduce your expenses to $0 or even make a profit by retailing an inexpensive information product on  the front end to your leads. This is critical when you consider that 95% will never join your primary opportunity.

That means you’re leaving 95% of your potential MLM income on the table if you’re not promoting affiliate products or service to them!

2.Sponsoring an existing mlm customer is much easier than trying to sponsor a stranger.You don’t try and sell your prospects on your business opportunity the first time you meet. you sell them an inexpensive information product that will help them.

You befriend them and build trust.You show them how to really make money in this industry with  true marketing-not flyers and meeting.

3.You position yourself as an expect instead of a peddler.You build respect and trust with your mlm prospects because you offer them more then just another opportunity.You offer a solution, a system, and your help.

4.You get a chance to pre-train and educate your mlm prospects who just might be your future business partner instead of just trying to sell them on hype which extremely short sighted. Why not sell them a retail product that will turn them into a better business owner right from the start?

5.It gets your newest reps into positive cash flow immediately,marketing a low-priced,fast-selling retail product first,funds your advertising campaign which gets your new reps into cash flow as soon as possible,creating momentum in your team and decreasing attrition.

This is the smart why to do business. They market information,which pays for their advertising,which serves as a never-ending source free leads for their network marking business!

The fastest and most profitable downline building is retailing to networkers now,to recruit later.

The successful business builders are retailing books,tapes,Facebook Fan Page,leads,websites,training.

They are collecting cash from CDs,brochures,websites subscriptions.

They are selling their MLM on  the back-end because they know it takes time to grow a downline.

You use a MLM proposal system as a way to make immediate profits.Which means you can afford endless advertising,which means you can generate endless leads,which you can sponsor more distributors.



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