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Professional coach http://www.dennystockdale.com In this story, I hope you will find inspiration and reminders of what a unique, amazing individual you are and can be, not if but when you choose.

 Professional Coach http://www.dennystockdale.com Denny Stockdale is a professional coach, author, motivational speaker and president of the Minnesota-based personal development consulting company Stockdale Resource Group, Inc.  Working with mid-career professionals, Denny is passionate about helping his clients reconnect with lost dreams, achieve work-life balance and discover their own unique callings through highly personalized one-on-one career and life coaching as well as group workshops.

In his  inspirational new book, Conversations from the Neighborhood Ice Cream Shop: 8 Keys to Rediscovering Lost Dreams and Finding Your Life’s Calling, Denny shares his passion for purpose and meaning which inspired him to step away from a long career in the information technology business to pursue his own life’s calling.

Structured around 8 acronym-based ‘keys’ (such as FAITH: Find Answers In The Heart), each chapter guides the reader step-by-step through a journey of self-discovery.


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