Media advertising for seminars.

The hollischapmanshow Business Learning Center media advertising for seminars.

The media advertising should be run in the media,press releases.

Place the advertising as far forward as possible.


What is your emotional needs?

The headline should be the hottest benefit the seminar offers.This is not necessarily the title of the seminar.For example, let’s say we are holding seminars on how to find jobs.The title is How to Find the Job You Want,When You Want It. The headline on the advertising might read.

How to Find Job Openings in Your Field Before Others Know About Them. This is a grabber for both those without jobs,and those thinking about changing jobs.

After the headline or the video you send out-you tell them what this seminar  will do for them. The advertising will show them how to prepare a job finding campaign to get the job they want,not a job they have to take. Then you start convincing them.

Your presenter is advertising this as well.Share what experience he or she has had.What inside stuff he or she knows,and why he or she is holding this seminar.You are establishing the credentials of the expert from afar who knows many things that the person looking for a good job has to know in order to succeed.

From that base you show them what they will learn.

For our sample seminar,here is a list of suggested subject title that could be presented.Follow each subject title with a short paragraph about the subject.

1.How to prepare a job finding campaign that works.

2.How to locate top job opening before others know about them.

3.The seven deadly sins of job hunting.

4.How to prepare a resume that sells-not tells

5.How to get an interview with the key person.

6.How to turn the interview from a grilling to a discussion.

7.How to negotiate the best salary.

8.How to make them hire you now.

9.How to always have income.

10.How to turn the ladder of success into your personal elevator.

Make sure your advertising has touted the subjects- you make testimonials videos from past attendees and experts in the employment field.

You close with dates,fees,and how to buy the ticket.

If you are advertising a hot subject,you will sell the tickets by just showing them the information they will obtain as given in the subject titles for the seminar.You don’t have to have an advertising genius prepare the advertising.Just keep in mind-establish value.then quote price,and you can write your own advertising.

Summary of Marketing Program.

1.Find the emotional needs.

2.Develop your seminar brochure around the emotional needs.

3.Test it with free seminar offer.

4.Buy all available names.

5.Send out mailing.

6.Develop and place media advertising.

7.Use one step for lower cost tickets.

8.Use two steps mini-seminars for high ticket cost.

9.Get publicity.

10.Alternative media.

Pricing Your Seminar

Advertising the price our seminar-you have two decisions.

First,the higher the price, the fewer the tickets sold.

Second,too low a price kills its value in the minds of the prospects.

To arrive at a price, you will want to consider your cost and profits.Below is a list of cost you will incur in your advertising promotion.

1.Concept research

2.Presenter fees and expenses

3.Development of seminar program

4.Researching your customers emotional needs

5.Preparing and printing brochures-sales letters

6.Your test on free seminar offer

7.Renting or compiling mailing lists

8.Mailing cost of the list

9.Media advertising preparation and cost

10.Site rental cost

11.Room preparation cost

12.Seminar day  cost

13.Pass out material cost

14.Insurance cost


16.Temporary help

17.Transportation cost

18.Cost for credit card sales

19.sales commission in two step plan

20.Miscellaneous costs.

Hollischapmanshow Business Learning Center can help you with your budget.Here is example of a 1 day seminar on finding a job.

The advertising will be a one step program with mailing list and media advertising.

Our cost budget comes to $12,000,and it will take 120 days to prepare and put on the first seminar.Our estimated minimum ticket sale for the emotional need seminar is 250 attendees.Maximum will be 600.

We have a $12,000 cost figure, and we want to make at least $5,000 a month for our time.So,120 days is three months,so we add that to the figure and come up with $27,000 minimum gross income.We divide the minimum estimate of 250 into $27,000 and we have $108 as the price.Anything over that price becomes our money.So that is why your advertising should be a very hot ticket.

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