Marketing!Finding Your Specialization

Marketing is as old as trade itself,and as natural as breathing.Some people are born with the innate ability to sell,while others develop it as a skill. I fall into the later category. I’m still developing and honing my skill. I’ts a life-long work in progress.

Selling,marketing,and promotion are three separate function but all interconnected.Promotion is a function of marketing,and marketing is a function of selling.I tend to use the three terms interchangeably,but the bottom line is about selling a product,whatever that product might be.

In my case, i am the product.I sell me. Who better to sell me,than me? I have line extensions,such as my teaching,but i am the brand,not my classes. I use ancillary products as tools to promote my product-me. I am the authority on marketing-top browser ranking,That statement is my mission.

I haven’t reached the pinnacle of my mission yet, but that’s not the point.The point is,I have a mission statement,and everything I do is sync with that.For each new opportunity presented to me I ask, does it fit my mission? If not, I pass on it.There are very few generalist success stories in my marketing field.

It is that specialization that is the first of the major marketing hurdles you need to clear before you can successful.

Tips to ask yourself:

How professional does my advertising look?
Is my marketing unique and does it focus on my branding image?
How do i answer the phone?
Do i return phone calls promptly?
Do i have value based pricing?
Do i treat my customers like royalty?
Do my customers provide me with repeat and referral business?

All this examination made me go back to mission statement and unique branding to see if i was really providing what I advertised!

I promote myself as the eye on marketing performance! My eyes now not only see what areas my clients want me focus on, but they look inward to see if i am offering excellence in my business performance.

How do you see yourself? Are you ready and willing to take a closer look at your uniqueness?

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