Marketing-The most satisfying,rewarding,profitable profession today.

What’s that?Marketing-if you are able to help people sell more of their existing products or services.

Successful entrepreneurs small business owners,authors,experts,speakers and consultants will hire you for their marketing needs.

Why? Because you are making them money without any risk or downside to them. Every business needs one thing more than any other:sales. If they sell,they make money. If they don’t, they are either a charity organization or they are on the path to insolvency.

What would you say if i offered you this marketing power,here and now.


Every business needs one thing more than any other Sales.

To be able to write amazingly effective sales letters and advertisements that are proven to work and bring in hordes of customers? Wanna learn it? Quickly? For Free?

I’ll show you some marketing tricks from my bag of successful promotions. You’ll get right here and right now an advantage over those institutional advertising agencies.

Marketing lesson one:

Have a reason for every word you use in your advertising. No guessing,no luck elements. Use words,themes, and elements that worked in previous marketing promotions.

In the beginning you will need to read and study what kind of approach really worked. There are only a few proven response-getting,customer-grabbing tricks that will almost always work. Here’s the formula for effective sales letters that can make you rich.

You don’t have to be a writer to do it. In fact, if you are a professional writer you are handicapped because you’ll have to first unlearn what you learned about proper English.All you need to learn is how to SELL.

If you can explain your marketing sales-pitch ideas in person, then you are over 80% done.Record your conversation when you are persuading someone to buy your service or product or whatever you are selling. Make a transcript of it.eliminate all the “umms,”hmms,’and “aaas” from the transcript and you are ready to follow this formula.

A marketing formula for ads that work.

First you need a headline. The headline is 85% of the ad. It is like an ad for an ad. If people don’t find it interesting to them, they won’t read the rest of your ad. So,create that all important headline with the following in mind:

1.Focus on identifying your targeted customer.

2.Raise his curiosity and intensify his desire.

3.Get him to read the whole ad,or at least up to the point where he clicks on your free marketing offer.

How long? you ask.If you are solving some urgent,red hot problem in your prospect’s mind, such as sex,money or whatever he/she is really interested in, they will happily read four,eight,twelve pages of your text. As long as it about something they care about.Something that will improve their life,they will read it. Your marketing copy should be as long as it takes you to sell the product.Note: Cute out any fluff or puff.

Here’s one formula you can use to create a good headline:

How To

When you start your marketing headline with How To-it pulls in a lot of readers.How To headlines have sold millions of products over the years. They still work like a charm.The How To headline is considered as one of the safest and most effective.

Challenging Headlines

“If you can ______, then you have almost everything you need to ____” For example: if you can smile,then you have almost everything you need to get that job you want as a hotel receptionist. Then you go on to offer a course or some appropriate product to help get the job.

Some marketing headlines will work well by implying that your potential client already has something, but will benefit even more from your product.The prospect feels as if he has passed some test after reading the headline.If he’s hooked he will value and appreciate even more what you have to say next.

Glamour Building headlines.

Announcing a direct-response copywriter who will guarantee to out pull your best ad by at least 10%.

Amazing secrets revealed in your marketing copy.

Amazing speed-seduction secrets revealed by a Phoenix former nerd.

Got it? Great.Now let’s go to the second most important part, the end of your letter.

So many people do not add P.S. to their marketing copy.

P.S. This is your last chance.

The P.S. part is your last chance to persuade your potential customer to read the entire ad if he hasn’t already, or convince him to make an urgent, instant action. The P.S. is the second most important part after the headline. It is like a second headline. And, although it is that important,many marketing agencies leave it out for no other reason than pure stupidity and ignorance. This is where you have an advantage over them.

I want you! I need you! I love you!

When you are doing your marketing,focus on your customer’s egoistic self-benefit. It is not about you: it is about your customer. Use more “you” sentences than “I” sentences. When it comes to selling, no one cares about you, the writer. They are looking for what’s in it for them.Use “YOU” wisely.

When you are doing your marketing-Ask for the order.

I cannot think of simpler,easier,more fun way to quickly add more profits and increase the effectiveness of your advertisement than by simply asking for an order.My marketing on my website i added click to order now links and my conversion rate has jumped 20%.

P.S.Do you want to get people to know like and trust you? contact us today.

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