Make Your firm the Business Candidate Everyone Wants to Hire

The interview is yet another skill to be mastered to be the business candidate that everyone wants and the tool that can help you enhance your firm earning power.

Organize your thoughts before your business candidate meeting begins.

Make your firm standout

Keep in mind that this is your potential partner,they are looking for a partner who is both qualified for and confident about taking on more responsibility.To make the best impression,give examples of how your firm can help them make more money.

Be prepared to answer:As a business candidate why exactly do we need your firm.

Be prepared to offer a strong reason why your firm would be the perfect fit for their company.Avoid vague or clearly insincere phases or cliches,such as “Your company is ‘number one’and so is my firm” Say that the company has an outstanding reputation among your colleagues and that you have great respect for the company’s product or services. Let he company know that your firm is an ideal business candidate and make a valuable partner and will help make meet its goals.

Be prepared to answer:As our business candidate how have your firm handle a major crisis?

As a business candidate they want to know that your firm can be effective under pressure-they don’t necessarily need drama majors.Think of the five or six most significant crises your firm been instrumental in handling.Jot down three or four lines of concise explanation of how your firm contributed to resolving the crises.And,if necessary,rehearse short,specific,and detailed descriptions of each of the incidents.

Never be negative about past clients:Future business candidate will ask around about your firms work.

You never know who knows whom and how word travels from one company to the next.One negative remark about your past clients could do serious damage to your business candidate efforts.A better response, We are anxious to grow and broaden our experience in this industry.With The current economy,we need to keep our options open.

Sideline Enterprising while you are looking for a business candidate.

For example,if you’re a good amateur cook and spend much of your free time creating delicious things in the kitchen,you may be able to sell breads,cookies,cakes,salads,sauces,etc.To local restaurants or gourmet shops or to your friends and business associates.

Similarly,teachers,Lawyers,Doctors,former sports players by becoming sports officials.

Every sideline enterprise has the potential to grow into something bigger.The sideline enterprise you launch today could:

Grow into a full-time business candidate someday-No longer supplementing your salary income but actually becoming the main source of income for you and your family.

Become what you  will do after you retire with your business candidate.

Something that will fill the hours when you are no longer working,or something that will bridge the gap between what you should have saved for retirement and what you actually saved with your business candidate.


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