Let Your Fans Do the Marketing!

30 Clubbin BubGet your fans to market you.I do alot of marketing for myself and my company,but others can do a great job for us.The third party testimonials is a ice breaker for my company.A majority of my promotional effort is focused on identifying,recruiting,and inspiring my fans to tell others wonderful things about me,and my company.

Steps to Get Fans to Promote You

1.Indentify and make a list of your fans.

Your fans represent the people who have demonstrated that they value your product or service.They are the individuals who give you testimonials and referrals,and rate you high on evaluations and customer satisfacction surveys.

2.Outline your promotional message.

In order for your fans to do the best job in promoting you,they will need your help. Your fans will ask you what you want them to say about you,so be prepared.What do you want your fans to say about you?What do you want your fans to say about your product and/or service?Example: I highly recommend that you use Tempe Lead Generation System for Lead Generations for your company.

3.Ask your fans for feedback.

If you are clear about what you want your fans to say about you,you’ll know the right questions to ask them when you gather feedback from them.Once you receive their response to your questions,assuming it is very favor-able response,you can ask them to share their experience with others.Their comments can be presented in a letter of recommendation,or included in promotional literature.

4.Ask for help.

The simplest way  to obtain promotional support is to ask.There are several things your fans can do to help promote you and your business.They can help you run a booth at a trade show,display your literature in their office,or nominatre you for an award.

Make it as easy as possible for your fans to promote you.Avoid making it necessary for your fans to pay for expenses related to promoting you.

5.Promote your fans.

A major key to obtaining promotional support is to provide your fans with promotional support.Seek every opportunity to contribute to the success of your prospective fans.Provide them with information,contacts,ideas,resources,and referrals.Your fans will be more willing to promote you the more you contribute to their success.Only promote fans that you respect and believe in.Be very truthful.

6.Praise and reward your fans.

Show your appreciation to anyone you discoverr saying wonderful things about you and your company.

Send a thank you note or card.Your acknowledgment will encourage them to continue to provide specifices when speaking about you in the future.

7.Stay in touch and hang out with your fans.

The more you communicate with your fans the more they will tell others about you.Through staying in touch you will learn about opportunities,changes,and plans that you otherwise would not have known.I further recommend that you communicate with your fans, in a quality way,at least every 30 to 60 days.

Go to events where one or more of your fans will be attending.Rather than concentrating your effort on meeting new people,spend time hanging out with yourr fans.Your fans will introduce you to people they know and will usually say a few wonderful things about you.

Word-of-mouth promotion is one of the most powerful and effective methods that you can use to promote yourself.If you just can’t get up the nerve to promote yourself,then hang out with the individuals who love you and let them tell the world about what you have to offer and how wonderful you are.

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