Legends of White Mountains Hikes

Legends of White Mountains hikes.

1. Tell us a little about yourself and Legends of White Mountains hikes.

Legends of White Mountain Hikes takes you to the most beloved hiking trails in and around the Franconia Notch State Park, located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

The publication consists of seven legends hiking trails in and around the Franconia Notch State Park.

Located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Each legends hiking trail has a historical point of interest or contains the scene source of a local legend. Featuring hikes that range from easy to challenging, the guide not only describes the easy to follow wayfinding, but also points out exactly where to find the little known and often overlooked evidence of history and legends.

My book was actually just stories and legends and history of the White Mountains. I am a fourth generation native of the White Mountains and would often tell my two boys these stories as we hiked the mountains or swam in the rivers.

2.Share with us how you get started selling booklet legends.

why was this a good way to go? advice to other authors.

My first books were individual legends booklets. Because they were packed with information about history, vegetation and wildlife, I envisioned them being used in schools for field trips. I designed each one to fit into your pocket and left blank pages in the back so that if so inspired the users could draw or write their thoughts along the way.

3.Why the legends hiking nitch? what made you think their was a market for hiking?

I didn’t really choose the hiking legends for marketing reasons. It was a passion of mine. As a small child I would explore the mountains on my own or with friends. I would go out with my bike, ride anywhere from 8 to 20 miles to begin the hikes with no lunch, no backpack, just my tennis shoes and water was every where. Even today the water in the White Mountains is cleaner that what you would find in most peoples kitchen sinks.

4.What else did you do to stand out, how did you get consumers to say i need what you are selling? that is the biggest problem for a lot of us.

Standing out is the biggest problem for any one to become legends. I have done a lot of free or affordable promotion and marketing.
Website (whitemountains.com)
Book Sellers (Amazon, Create Space, Barnes & Noble)
Social Networks (Linked-In, Twitter, Facebook, Pin Interest, local community groups.)
Listing with directories (White pages, Yellow Pages, MapQuest, Mantra)
I have found that the best method is exactly what my book is all about. Yes it is about hiking, but it is about more than just hiking. It is about a time when communities and people worked together and stuck together. If you want to promote your book you have to get out there and meet people.

5.Your vision about the book, you got the WOW factor from your vision, the cost of your vision for the book was great, you did not let that stop you.

I worked in the publishing industry. Ironically, the White Mountains of NH’s history is laden with social and political drama surrounding its natural resource, wood. When paper prices got too high the publishing industry took a tremendous blow. I could see that the market was going to change and that people would start using e-books in place of paperback books.

6.The Legends Lady,this is your brand,is it important to have a brand.

I am called the Legends Lady. It was funny the first time it happened. I was working at Bretton Woods Ski Area when a lady from the crowd pointed at me and said, “oh my god, your the Legend Lady, you helped my son get an A in his English class.”

7.You do so much more then just write your book,why is it so important to build your brand,to sell your book.

The book is just the message, the voice. The work, the children’s hiking program and all the rest is the real product.
A leaf gives no shade without a tree?
There is no sweet honey without the bee?
I can give no love if I haven’t a heart?
What fun is the finish, without the start?
What good is anything if it’s all the same?
There is more than a title inside a name.

8.Share with us some ways you market your books, what works for you, what did not work for you.

As I mentioned above, what really worked best for me was making a personal connection with my audience.

9.Do you like social media? if so why,if not why not?

I love social media. i think it is still in it’s infancy and will be changing and growing a lot.
Pin Interest came out and within a week all media is trying to copy its visually appealing format.
This same format is why I refused to change my book standards to cut costs with black and white print. I wanted something that would be esthetically appealing to my audience.

10.Final Comment:For what do you want to be remembered professionally?

I want to be remembered for bringing our people together and being a road sign to point them in the direction where they may discover all that legends of  nature has to offer us.

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