Know your Rights(Debt Collectors)

The debt collectors do have rules that they are supposed  to adhere to,but that does not mean that they will.However,if you know your rights, you can uderstand that the fire-breathing dragon really is nothing but hot air.

Collectors MAY NOT:

1.Contact you earlier than 8 a.m. or later than 8 p.m.

2.Contact you by phone after you have requested in writing that they stop.

3.Contact you at work despite their knowledge of your employer’s disapproval.

4.Tell people,like your boss or family members, that you owe money.

5.Tell you that they will take your wages.

6.Tell you that they can have you arrested.

7.Tell you that they will sue you.(Only your creditors can sue you.)

8.Send you papers that look like court papers.

9.Talk to anyone but you.(They are not supposed to talk to your kids.)

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