IS Netwoking Mandatory for Making It?

Is Networking mandatory for making it?

People have relied on Networking with whom they know for information or referrals since the beginning of time.We have depended on  this exchange of shared resources,time immemorial. Networking is the act or process of informally sharing information or support,especially among members of a professional group.” Networking is a reciprocal process, an exchange of ideas,leads, and suggestions that support both our professional and our personal lives.

There is also a spirit of sharing that transcends the information shared.The best networkers reflects that spirit with a genuine joy in giving. We all have networks we were born into, went to school with, live in neighborhoods with, and work with. Savvy networkers understand that networking is a process of communication that works for those who appreciate the push and process as well as the destination.

One cannot stress enough just how important it is to develop and finely hone follow-up skills. There is no process of networking,no sharing of information,resource,or referral that occurs without it.

Secret  to Savvy Networking

1.Follow-up is a basic tenet of life.

2.Behaviors and action support words;the lack of either subverts them. We must T.A.P. into our networks, being Timely and Appropriately Persistent in our follow-up, or we will fail to establish and increase our base of contacts. That is networking in a nutshell!

3.People who have resources are resourceful.People who are willing use their social media accounts,pick .send emails,call on their contacts,and ask for help and solutions,and who offer leads,information,and ideas,are perceived as powerful and smart. The closest thing to knowing something is to know where and how to find it.

4.Acknowledge gifts given to you as well as leads,ideas,advice and time.

5.Powerful people have linkage that are plentiful,diverse,and expansive,and they are able to get things done because of those linkage. President Clinton’s superb and savvy netwoking skills cannot be denied. He was elected because of his network!

What are the special networking skills of the masters?

1. They meet people for the first time,look them right in the eye,and make them feel comfortable.

2.They ask a question then listen intently and let you know they are talking to you.

3.They stay in contact and are very loyal to their friends.

4.If something crosses their desk that might be of interest, they will send it on.

5.They use humor and are equally at ease with both men and women.

6.They embrace people, not just the right people.

7.They make the connection,even if they just share a glance.

8.They exude confidence,yet appeal to the most average person.

But how do we become a person with whom people want to talk,to work, to collaborate,or to spend personal or professional time and energy? we must become savvy people who are aware of the unwritten rules for this process called networking. One must understand the politics of markers and owing chits.

Networking is an enrichment program,not an entitlement program, too many people feel that under the guise of networking they are to be given leads,referrals,and information that they have not earn.We earn these leads by establishing communication and rapport.

We must reciprocate our networking skills. Treat people with respect,courtesy,integrity,truth,and honor.People will do business with people they know,like,and trust, and network with.

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