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Enlightens and entertains listeners

1.Tell us a little about yourself, and your business.“Dare to Dream: This Life Counts!”


Debbi Dachinger’s “Dare to Dream” radio show is a syndicated, multi-award winning radio program that inspires listeners through solid guidance and great interviews.

She’s also the author of the three-time bestselling book: “DARE TO DREAM: This Life Counts!” and several products such as “POWERFUL RESULTS: how To Be The Best radio Interview Guest,” “AFFIRMATIONS: Make Your Dreams and Goals A Reality,” and “INTERVIEWS WITH THE MASTERS: 11 Hours of brilliant radio interviews with Transformational Giants.” Debbi’s radio show gives keys to change as people are looking for a new way of living and doing business and finding ways to make their hopes and dreams come true.  Each one-hour radio segment gathers one million listeners and includes Debbi’s theme for the day and an interview guest who shares methods that achieved goals and dreams.


Debbi is a top-notch Dream interviewer with impressive guests. 

Her background is in talent/entertainment; she was a USC performing arts graduate who went on to act and sing in Europe and throughout the United States. She received a Los Angeles Drama Desk Award acting nomination and was in the cast of “Follies,” winning the Fringe First Award.  Deborah was a successful motivational speaker, leading workshops on “Balance and Life Goals.”  Her professional voice over work includes cartoon animation, corporate training, PSA’s and film narration. Besides Debbi’s radio career, she is a regular video contributor. Writes a blog and is a contributor to inspirational books.  Deborah is a member of AFTRA and SAG unions, and American Women in Media. Deborah came here to live out loud; her work is to utilize her voice to entertain and inspire.

2.You have a very successful radio show! why are you doing interviews? does it help your business?

I love interviews and feel that it is a gift to sit with someone who is an expert and has made manifest their dream.

A guest is very successful and is giving back is exciting to spend time with. I love radio and the possibility of its outreach. My show reaches over a million people and I’m on air 7 days a week somewhere in the U.S. and globally as my show is widely syndicated. Think about how many people are tuning in to be inspired and learn how to make a dream and goals come true – that makes me very happy, to help people in that way. Doing these interview is a master class for us all.

3.Share with us some tips on AFFIRMATIONS: Make Your Dreams and Goals A Reality

You can purchase the AFFIRMATIONS: Make Your Dreams and Goals A RealityMP3 to have your own copy of the affirmations to help make your goals a reality.  Below are some different and also powerful affirmations for you to keep and use every day. We say affirmations in our free time because it sets our head and thinking right. As Dr. John Demartini says: “What we think about and thank we bring about.”

I accept that I move into the fullness of who I am.

I declare that I completely embody my authenticity.

I declare my right to be here.

I declare my desire to be here.

I stand in my truth and trust myself in my process.

I am in joy in healing right now.

My spiritual work is to trust my process as it unfolds.

I have a right to decline anything.

I have a right to say yes.

I have a right to say no.

I have a right to know what I know.

I have a right to pursue happiness.

I have a right to think what I think.

I have a right to live from my intentions.

I have a right to be here.
4.Deborah came here to live out loud; her work is to utilize her voice to entertain and inspire.When was the moment you said i am going to use my voice to make a difference?

Looking back on my life it’s abundantly clear I am here to teach, inspire and to lead through my dream voice. I have been an actress, singer, jewelry maker, an author, a voice over artist, coach, keynote speaker and radio host. I am also interviewed quite a bit on radio and television. The pieces came together 5 years ago after I’d been doing my radio show for a short time and realized I have always been on the right path  – my expression of my purpose has just taken many forms. And all the forms were imperative because I use them all today in my teaching, hosting, and writing career now.

5.You are doing outstanding stuff! share with us a week of behind the scenes marketing with your company?

Communication is foremost – lots of emails and connections of interest in what I do from potential guests and PR agents. Lots of time to prepare gathering material for whoever is coming on my show and whoever’s show I’ll be interviewed on as well.  Lately there’s preparation as I and my work are being featured in various magazines. I write a weekly inspirational blog .  I do a weekly inspirational video on my You Tube channel.  I engage in social and professional media – I’ve especially made some fantastic dream contacts through LinkedIn. I do my own inner work on a weekly basis, I’m always growing by working with fantastic people in the business.  This week I’m taking a meditation class.  I work out most days and eat fairly well – I like taking care of myself.  I’ll usually do a business lunch with someone once a week – it’s so much more fun to break bread together!

6.What are some things you learn the heard way? you will not do that again!

What a GREAT question. Two things I’ll never do again that have proven to be big mistakes:

1) Never doubt myself, and it is Ok to dream.

2) When it is time to leave (an institution, or situation) and move on – I now trust and let go. There is always greater and better out there waiting for me.

7.Who is your mentor? and why?

I have a few: Jennifer Hough is a transformational leader. She’s a very gifted intuitive who took one look at me and said we have to work together because of the information she downloaded about who I be.  I love Jennifer because she is so connected to Source energy and a powerful channel; she’s authentic and full of joy.  Next would be Dr. Dain Heer.  We met on my radio show and have done some work together. Dain is the real deal, he teaches Access Consciousness and is brilliant at it. What touches me profoundly is who Dain is – his power comes from a deep caring about humanity and a willingness to step into his purpose of why he is here which is about helping to heal the planet and any of us willing and desiring healing tools. To know Dain is love him – he is funny, kind and generous, and an important voice for our dream time. My last mentor is Daniel Gutierrez.  Dan is someone I can really relate to because he came from a tough background and in spite of that (and because of it) has made much of himself.  Dan is a great success,– a business man, he serves on a Board of the Obama administration and also has a giant, spiritual heart. Dan believes in me and has helped me and gives me chances; knowing him gives me a lot of hope. Each of these 3 mentors are inherently very good people, full of joy and love, and really, really funny – hanging out with them is awesome.  How did I get so lucky?My dream came through.

8.Why are so many people so afraid to dream? Share with us a couple tips on how we can start to dream.

There are many reasons, some prevalent ones are: doubt, poor time management, fear, past failures, and the “I’m too…” syndrome (“I’m too old, fat, poor, etc.”).


Have you written a list of what it is you know you want most to achieve to do, to be, or to have? What exactly do you want from your dream and goals? Take pen and paper and make a list. It can be what you want to achieve this year or in this lifetime. You must write really juicy goals. Especially the ones that scare you and feel beyond your reach – yes those.  Put those on your paper.


1)      Make a Victory Board.  Anytime you have a victory or triumph – big or small, something you have achieved towards your dream you will put it on your board. You can write a few words or a sentence, you can put up a picture, and you can add whatever victory to a pushpin or bulletin board that you keep.  It has your dream written on top, and a picture (your interpretation) of your dream on the board and as you continue to take action steps towards your dreams and good things happen you acknowledge your wins and continue to show yourself what you’re capable of. Let the board and its contents cheer you on and give you a feeling of certainty that your dream will and is creating.

2)      On your journey guidance and support are essential. Find a mentor or a coach who will assist you and offer clarity and direction.  If you know of someone then align yourself and you’ll see your results rise exponentially.  Something happens when we make ourselves visible to another and supported by another and have someone else’s energy aligned with us. We become accountable and that is very positive because it moves us forward quickly. I offer dream and goal coaching or start with my book “DARE TO DREAM: This Life Counts!” for great ways to implement actions plans to make your goals into your reality: and get started. Find a mentor, coach, teacher, friend, joint venture partner, anyone who will join hands, help guide, and support you while you reach your goal. Then you can celebrate together!

Footprints on the sands of time are not made by sitting down.

It was – Henry Ford who said “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.”  Keep your eye on the goal and keep moving forward. Just continue to make progress ~ I know you can and I know you will.

9.Promote your website and free gifts. Ask for her dream information.

Dare to Dream Products:

10.Final comment:What’s on your business “Bucket List?” Top 5 things you’d still like to do?

This is a big year for me and there’s lots of change already implemented and still to come: I am about to shoot professional videos. I have many people who want to work with me. In order to make the information to make my  dream come true available I am offering a series of pro videos with detailed ideas and instructions of how to – the recipe or secret sauce for how to start with an idea for a goal and see it through to completion. There will be several tiers so all can afford to come on board, everything from a regular member, to a video enrollee, to a dream private one-on-one coaching.

I think the rest is about following what I feel is my path; the Business Bucket List is ~  1) Doing a Television Show “Dare to Dream,” and 2) Sharing this inspiring information in front of larger groups as a presenter and keynote speaker.


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