How to tell if your church has issues.

How to tell if you church has issues interview with Antoinette M.Davis

1.     1. Tell us a little about yourself-and your book Lessons On Church Folk Volume 1.

My name is Antoinette Marie Davis and I am the author of Lessons on Church Folk Volume 1 & 2. I am a native of Michigan. I was raised by my parents, Andre & Doris Davis. I have an older sister, Andrea L. Davis. As a child, I enjoyed working with math problems and I often spent lots of time  figureing  out the solution to the problems.

Over time  this love for math  and church led me to pursue a career in mathematics.

 I have had many role models in and out of church who have encouraged me to pursue my goals and dreams of becoming a Mathematics Professor.
 In any event, I enjoy teaching mathematics because it gives me a chance to show students that they can learn math in a way that they can understand it.
 Teaching in church helped me to expound on the math lessons that I have learned throughout my college years. Overall, I am a woman who loves the Lord and I see him as a consistent source of strength in my life.
I am an alumnus of Lake Michigan College, Oakwood University, and Wayne State University. I have earned an Associate of Arts Degree in Secondary Education, a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mathematics, and a Master of Arts Degree in Applied Mathematics.
I currently serve as a University Instructor while I pursue Doctoral study in the area of Instruction/Administration with a specialization in Mathematics Education and still go to church every Sunday.
2. You wrote the books while you pursues your Doctoral studies; that is great focus, how do you plan for that?
Yes, I wrote both of my books during doctoral study. It took a lot of focus and determination in order to get the books done. I would say that time management and going to church  is the key to completing all of my academic and book projects on time.
3. Volume 1 discusses 16 issues, pick 4 and share your stories with us.
Marriage problems with church people.
Abuse in and out of church.
Parenting good and bad in church.
Divorce how does the church handle it.
4. African American and math, we do not see that very often, why do you think you started at a young age enjoying math?
Well, when I was younger, I loved math. But when I switched school districts, I had to adjust to a higher level of mathematics. This adjustment was tough because I was not ready for the math that was being taught. As time went on, my parents scheduled tutoring sessions with my math teachers so that I could get the help that I needed. Over time, I was able to learn the math at a pace that I was comfortable with. My parents encouraged me to learn math because they knew it would open up doors for me in the future.
5. Who were your role models, how do we get more African American kids getting into math? are their math camps?
My role models are my parents, African-American mathematicians, and people who are not afraid to chase their dreams.
We can get more African American kids into math by encouraging them to study math as early as preschool. We have to start early if we want our kids to develop a love for math and the love of church.
There are church and non church math camps but parents have to be on the lookout so that they will know when they are open for admission.
6. Where there any negatives as you pursue your Mathematics Education?
Yes, there were negatives. There are not many women in the Mathematics field especially among the African-American community. I recall sitting in my classes and I was the only AA in the class. But over time, I got used to it. I knew that I could do the work so I challenged myself so that I could complete my Mathematics degrees.
7. How are you marketing your book, you are a numbers person does it help you?
I am marketing my books by using the following techniques: FaceBook posts, Twitter posts, word-of-mouth advertising, radio interviews, magazine advertisements, blog postings, etc.
I am able to use my Mathematics background in order to calculate sales and the amount of books that need to be sold before a new shipment can be ordered.
8. What are some things you learn from writing  your books, tips for others so they will not make the same mistake.
I have learned that writing books is the easy part. Marketing the book is the hard part. Writing the books can be an overwhelming task especially when it is your first book. I would say to pick a genre that you are comfortable writing in.
Once you have done that, find a writing style that works for you. After that, begin writing your book.
Once you have completed the writing process, go online so that you can find a publisher that will meet your qualifications within a reasonable price. It is best to go with a publisher that will give you 100% royalties. After that, begin creating the book based on what you want. Once the book is published, please make sure that your book is available for purchase on and
Be willing to hold Book Signings so that your reading audience will be able to meet you and ask you questions about your book.
9. In volume 1, you start the chapter with something about church, why did you do this?
I chose to start the book with something about the church because I wanted to have a juicy story that the readers would tune into. I wanted to make sure that people are able to read the first story as a precursor for the rest of the stories.
10. Final comment: What activity could you do all day long without getting bored?
I could write all day long because it is so relaxing. It is an art that many people do not practice enough. If a person wrote each day, they would be able to see that they could release stress by writing down their thoughts and they can enjoy life and going to church.

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