How To Stop Procrastinating And Start Doing In 3 Easy Steps

How To Stop Procrastinating And Start Doing In 3 Easy Steps

Procrastinating is the act of delaying an action with no apparent reason. Many people are affected by this and all they do have is excuses and not actual reasons for failing to do something.

procrastinating  is habit forming

Stop procrastinating and you can finish your book.

When you find that you are procrastinating you need to find out why and work out a plan to get things done. It is true that there is a lot of mental anguish, stress and pain that comes from procrastinating on an issue that you know needs to be dealt with immediately.
The first step to bring an end to procrastination is to make commitments and stick to it. By acting on it, you leave less time to worry or be scared about failure of your endeavors. In order to do so, you can make use of three simple steps in order to keep you on track.

Three Steps to End Procrastinating

First, you need to make a list of activities that you intend to accomplish or complete each day. You should also include the goals that you have for this particular day. For instance, you may need to start a new blog for an idea that you have had for a while. You may have failed to do this due to the fact a previous blog you started did not have as much
traffic as you expected.

You may have been procrastinating a number of issues that may require some time to complete.

It could be that the blog did not get the intended message you expected out there. You need to learn from the mistakes that the previous blog had in order for you to create a new blog and correct the mistakes. By accomplishing the task at the end of the day or at the end
of the week, you will have killed the habit of procrastinating an action that is essential in your life to be accomplished.

Procrastinating is a bad habit that can be corrected

The list does not have to include only one activity. You may want to include all the activities that you have been procrastinating and give yourself a time limit that is attainable.

Secondly, you need to ensure that the list of activities are attainable. You may have been procrastinating a number of issues that may require some time to complete. Ensure you are realistic in the time limit that you set to accomplish the tasks listed. This will reduce the anxiety that may arise due to having little time to accomplish too many things
at once.
It also gives you a comfortable pace with which to do the tasks. You will find that this will reduce the guilt that comes from not accomplishing what you set out to do.
Third, ensure that you make use of your planner effectively in order to ensure that your goals are met at the duration with which they are meant to be. You should also ensure you have a lot of breaks within the schedule you have planned. Breaks are essential for

Breaks are a great motivator as the procrastinator is looking forward to that time when they will relax. This will prevent you from getting the urge to procrastinate the task again. In case you have a deadline to complete a certain task, ensure that you start the task earlier in order to have enough time on your hands to complete it.Finally, ensure that you follow these three steps with a lot of discipline.

Ensure you adhere to the planner and you are assured that the procrastination habit will come to a complete stop.

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