How to Stay Accountable While Working From Home

How to Stay Accountable While Working From Home

The thought of working from home makes many people excited. After all, this can be quite convenient. Imagine having no alarm clock to wake you up early in the morning or a boss to supervise you throughout the day.

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With such freedoms, it can be quite hard to get anything done, especially if you are not the disciplined type. In fact, many people who are new to this kind of lifestyle find it hard to adapt. While working from home, numerous distractions can keep you from focusing on your daily tasks.

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So, how will you resist the urge to work in your pajamas and keep the TV off until the work is done? Can you overcome the temptation of sleeping a little longer or putting off important tasks? How can you prevent kids or pets from interfering with your daily home work schedule?

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Well, the truth is that doing serious work from home is not easy. It requires a great deal of responsibility on your part. With a few simple time management habits, however, it is possible to accomplish work even when doing it from your own home.

Here are 8 tips that can help you master how to stay accountable while working from home. Create a Conducive Working Environment It can be hard to remain focused when trying to work amidst distractions.

Take responsibility of your working environment by creating an atmosphere that is conducive for work. This can include anything from wearing proper working clothes, to listening to the right type of music, or creating complete silence.

For some people, this can be having the right amount of light in a room or working on a comfortable chair and desk. Whatever works for you, create a working environment that triggers you into a working mood. Manage Your Time If you really want to get down to serious work while working from home, make sure to manage your time.

Try to create time when you are free from friends, family, co-workers, or pets and get down to work. Lock yourself in a room or hire a baby sister if you have to in order to get your work done. The key to time management is creating a chunk of time when you can focus on your daily tasks without any distractions.

Try Working at Different Times of the Day and Night Experimenting on how productive you are at different times of the day and night can help you discover when you are usually at your mental best.

Perhaps you work better when burning the mid night oil, right after breakfast or late in the afternoon. By testing it out, you might find that you struggle to work consistently because your working sessions conflict with your schedule.

It is even better if you are able to discover the perfect time that quickly allows you to get into a working mood. Remain Focused Whatever time of day you choose to work, it is important to remain focused. During work hours, avoid answering your phone or checking your mail and social media messages.

You can check those things later when the day’s work is done. Try also to eliminate mental chatter and keep your focus on the work. By adopting these few habits, you will be surprised at how much you can accomplish when you are focused at home.

Set Goals and Create Deadlines Anyone that works from home needs to have goals. Create measurable targets and set deadlines for them. You can do this by creating a daily list of tasks and keep it in places where you check frequently throughout the day.

According to the ‘1953 Yale Study of Goals’, people who write down their goals for the future are more likely to be successful than those who either have unwritten or no specific goals. Therefore, jotting down your goals on a to-do-list and tracking your daily progress can help you stay accountable. Handle Tasks One at a Time When working from home, you may be tempted to do other chores while at the same time preparing documents or answering emails on your computer.

Multitasking may seem like a great skill that helps you to be more productive, but it does just the opposite. Realization, a provider of project management software and services, conducted a study on the effects of multitasking on organizations.

It found that multitasking reduces productivity for employees by up to 40%. What this means is that people who multi-task are likely to get little work done during their working sessions. This in turn sets the stage for carrying forward pending work, which later becomes a repetitive, procrastination habit.

If you want to learn how to be accountable while working from home, do one task at a time. This makes you more productive and it becomes easier to track your progress.

Evaluate Your Work Several studies have proved that there is a correlation between evaluation and accountability. It has been found that people who go through regular evaluation perform better and have a higher sense of accountability to their work.

So, even as you work from home, create a system for evaluating your work. Examine your completed and pending tasks as if you were a supervisor evaluating another employee. Are there any shortcomings?

Can you identify your strengths? Look at your work objectively on a regular basis, and then come up with a plan to fix any drawbacks that are making you not to reach your goals.

Reward Yourself Rewarding yourself in an effort to remain accountable while working from home may sound a bit odd, but this tactic can work well if you know how to use it.

Rewards and incentives can be things such as watching your favorite movie, going shopping or treating yourself to a special meal. The trick here is to set a goal or certain number of tasks that you need to accomplish first before you can earn the reward.

With those few tips, it is possible to learn how to stay accountable while working from home. At the end of the day, remember that you are the only one responsible for your career and success. If you do not stay accountable and reach your daily targets, there will be no lazy-co-workers or bad boss to blame for your failures at home.

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