How to skip the recession with consultant Tim Mann.

 No Thanks I’ll Skip the Recession  interview with consultant Tim Mann.

1.Tell us a little about yourself your book and your consultant service.

Looking for help building your business.

My Name is Tim Mann, a business consultant, consulting businesses to grow their business in today’s Economy.

I co-authored the book, “No Thanks, I’ll Skip the Recession” and “Discover Your Inner Strength”

2.We consultant businesses  and enhance their productivity and profitability!

Share with us some tips on how we should do this, when do we change what we are doing when it is not working? Most small businesses are not working efficiently by the way they are organized through organization and staff. The number #1 sinner most small business owners make is procrastination. They are not getting the things done that are consistent. Small business owners have to wear many hats. If you don’t hold yourself accountable and remind yourself to do something that “brings home the bacon,” then it’s easy to forget to do a critical task.

Profitability: I consultant  with the businesses to establish a plan, take action with that plan and improve productivity which will make them profitable.


3.You do a few Joint Ventures, how important is that to having an successful consultant business?

Joint Ventures can be exceptional when you are working with people or companies that are your equal or greater then you. You have greater access to broader customers or client base when you establish a Joint Venture.


4. Business growth strategies, share a couple with us.

1. If you are a start up: Differentiate yourself from everyone else. Being Uncommon, having a Unique Selling Proprosition. 2. Existing Business: Big companies will buy out another company, but small businesses can’t.  The best way for business growth is to write out in detail everything about your competitors. You will discover some new ideas from that clarity. Then develop your existing product or develop a new product that is better than your competitors’.

5. As a consultant how do you define an effective Business Map?

Your Business Map is your  Business Plan with a step by step detailed Marketing Plan. Business is 90% marketing.

World Class Strategic Marketing –Is knowing your Ideal Client–How they eat sleep and breath. Knowing your competition inside and out.

Create repeat customers – Having a Before Zone, During Zone, and After Zone set up and organized in your business.


6.I consultant with clients that During recession.

 Wealth is not destroyed – it is transferred to those who think and act differently than the masses, i like this,please explan. I empower people to declare No Thanks, I’ll skip the Recession. Having the right knowledge and a positive attitude going in. The business owners who have the right knowledge and who are strong emotional will survive any business environment.

7. Four Steps to Overnight Business Growth. The Four Steps are getting clear on

1. Plan

2. Organization

3. Finance

4. Marketing


8. Successful Selling in Today’s Economy: Developing the work ethic both emotional and mentally along with strong organization skills.


9. Through his keynote speaking and presentations: Tim is a consultant that has inspired many audiences including: Why do they call on you? They call me America’s Uncommon Man because I go against the herd. I have been given a creative gift to bring out the potential and power in people to enhance not only their business but also their life.

10. Final comment:* What travel experience changed your life? I have traveled to many unique places.. I think the time I went to Hong Kong was an experience that changed my life.. Hong Kong was a small fishing village, Today it is the center point of world trade and finance. It is a great example what people can create and as a sought after consultant it allows me the freedom to travel the world.

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