How to Set Up a Home-Based Web Business

Step 1: Set up a 1-pg mini-website known as a ‘splash page’ where you giveaway for free a valuable report in return for the visitor’s email signup. This is how you start to grow your ‘list.’
Step 2: Focus your time efforts on driving some traffic to your ‘splash page’ to grow your list.
Step 3: Setup your autoresponder system and load up quality emails in it to be automatically sent for you for a six months time.
Step 4: Only send links to free products in your first two email messages to your list, to build trust.
Step 5: Recommend affiliate products or services you think are an excellent purchase to your list. Some of them will buy and you will see some sales.

Here are step by step details to build your home-based business:

Step 1: The first critical step you need to accomplish is to create a ‘splash page’. This is where you offer a free report in trade for their email address and name signup. This is how you build your ‘list.’ You do this by writing articles and free ads to drive traffic to your splash page to get their email signup. Research in Google-search will show you sites where persons offer information on how to create a splash page. It is relatively easy.

Step 2: The second critical step is to drive traffic to your splash page where you have an opt-in box for them to sign-up their name and email address in trade for the free report you provide. This should be a good report with valuable content in it, to entice them to sign up.

Step 3: Find an online-autoresponder service. They cost about $19 a year. Setup your autoresponder system and load quality emails into it to automatically send out to your list for the next six months. Use the power of autoresponders and load quality content articles inside it that will train your subscribers on the topic of your splash page. This will follow up your subscribers and help to promote your products easier.

Step 4: Only send links to free products or services in your first two emails, so you are not trying to sell them anything, just building their trust.

Step 5: With your third email, start sending your list affiliate items you recommend, but disguise your affiliate link with a shorter, cleaner link, so it does not notice them it is an affiliate link. They are conditioned to click on your links for free items so they will click on these too. Research on Google for a “free cloaker” to get your longer affiliate link shortened into a cleaner version to put in your email. Once you have setup your emails all you need to do is offer links to your own products or affiliate products within these emails and they will get promoted on autopilot.

Continue to work these patterns and you will see your sales grow. As your list grows larger, so will your corresponding sales and thus your income will gradually increase. Good luck.

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