How to run an Authors Online Radio Show.

Authors you want more exposure-Authors online radio show is the way to go.

Traditional AM/FM radio stations struggle to survive in today’s highly competitive world of broadcasting,Authors online radio shows continue to flourish.With technology that is both affordable and easy to obtain.

Today’s net-savvy authors are breaking down new barriers everyday and running either authors Online Radio shows or other talk shows.

But you need more than technical know-how to succeed running an authors online radio show.

We will share with you what you need to run a authors online radio show.

1.Determine your format/genre.Maybe you want to offer a variety of programming or stay within a certain genre such as new authors or authors who want to turn their books into movies or plays.Either option is workable but you need to determine what audience you are hoping to reach.With a voracious appetite for information,authors online radio listeners are some of the most loyal audience for information-based programming.

Authors online radio will give you a chance to show off your expertise.

2.Authors online radio programming will let you show off what you are good at.Now that you have determined your format,bring on enthusiastic experts within whatever genre you ┬áhave decided to present.Keep in mind that many times authors online radio listeners are multi-tasking and you don’t want your program to just become background noise.A knowledgeable,enthusiastic host(author)will keep your listeners interested and coming back for more.

3.Be true to your schedule.Just because it is the internet doesn’t mean that you should ignore time factors.Keep your program moving and on time.If you are a one-hour show,keep it to one hour! The FCC won’t care but your authors online radio listeners would like to budget their time and going over schedule can be irritating and show a lack of respect for your authors online radio listeners time. You should consider having a producer for each show that can assist the host(s) with staying on time and taking timely breaks.

4.Authors online radio show host getting technical does not have to be an huge investment.

You can utilize relatively inexpensive equipment to start out such as a flip jack which runs $300-500 and will allow multiple users to plug in via microphone or headset/microphone.You can also connect for a live broadcast over cell phone using a flip jack.Or you can subscribe to and they have all set up for you.

5.It is show time!! Now you need to deliver your authors online radio show program to your listeners. There are many options.Using some podcast basics you can turn to hosting system like ITunes if you wish to offer your program via podcast.If you want to go live,you should go with blogtalk radio-all the technology and behind the scenes training is available for the host.Expect to pay $30 a month for their basic service.Depending on what you want to add the fee goes up.

6.Offer replay times. Blogtalk shows are available right after the show,this is very important because you will get most of listeners from replaying of your show.Also future guests listen to your past show to see if they are a right fit for your show.Remember you only as good as your last show.

7.Authors online radio shows should be hosted on your owned blog as well.So all you authors with no blogs please set up your blog first.This is a great way to bring traffic to your authors online radio show and get leads for your books.


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