How to Publish ebook on Amazon Kindle

How to Publish ebook on Amazon Kindle

The Kindle guidelines are easy to follow to ensure you have a good-quality book to publish there. Others, who have published on Kindle simply love it.

Kindle Success

Self publish with Amazon kindle.

The biggest Kindle selling point for any book is going to be quality content. If the book is good, it’s more likely to sell. Before they can know its good, however, you have to generate enough excitement for them to want to read it.

Credibility with your Kindle ebook

That’s why publishing it properly is so important. Here are a few other tips you might want to consider when publishing: – Hire a freelancer for formatting – Although Kindle formatting can be done yourself, it can be very frustrating as you try to make sure everything is exactly right.

Freelancers are affordable. They can create a file for you. They can also create you an ePub to use on other devices. As with any other person you don’t know, be sure to research the freelancer. Check out their previous work and references or testimonials. – Pick the right category – You get to select the category for your eBook when you publish onto the Kindle.

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You get to select a few categories, but not a lot. Remember that this is imperative to get right, because it controls where they will place your book and where it ranks. You have to select the right niche to reach your target market, so choose them carefully.

Select the categories you feel readers in your niche will search under. – Optimize your cover correctly – You should optimize your cover for the thumbnail size of the Kindle store. Kindle readers like to browse titles of new releases.

They’ll see your title and cover right away. It will determine if they find it interesting enough to click and download a sample. If your cover only looks good close up, then consider editing it so that it looks good in thumbnail size to catch browsers attention.

Also remember that it needs to look good and be readable in greyscale. – WOW them with the first few pages – With anything you write this is important, but it’s more important with a Kindle release. On Kindle people will download samples. If they read the first few pages and it doesn’t grab their interest, they delete them.

They may read 20 or more samples and only buy one or two books. They have to be hooked by those few pages. As a good rule of thumb, you should not take 10 or more pages to have your book warm up. You should definitely have them hooked within the first five or they probably will have no interest in your book.

Kindle Targeted advertising – You may not have a large budget, but if you can afford to at all, Kindle Nation Daily is a blog that has advertising its members can pay for. The space goes quickly, so you need to reserve your advertising space months in advance. It has proven to be very effective to many Kindle authors.

On Facebook, you can use their paid advertising which can be targeted to those people who “like” Kindle. – Make sure it is well proofread and edited – If you have an eBook that is filled with typographical and grammatical errors you’ll get negative customer reviews which will discourage other readers from purchasing your book.

Make sure your Kindle book description is compelling – This is where the reader gets the chance to learn about your book before they buy. In your description, you have to be able to convince the reader that buying your book will be worth it. Also remember you can use limited HTML in your description such as bolding, italic and lists to make it look nicer to the eye.

Let the Kindle readers know who you are – Be sure you complete your author profile. If you’re not sure how to do this effectively, you can use Author Central – Here you can upload a picture of you, add your biography, and view and edit your bibliography. It will even help you create a blog. A blog is a way to directly speak to all of the readers. It only takes a few minutes of your time and it will allow the reader to know more about you and you can begin a rapport with your readers.

Print-on-demand books – You can create a book that is available both digital and in physical formats if you use CreateSpace. You can do this from the same page. The CreateSpace program is a member of the Amazon group of companies. For your benefit, it has a full selection of tools and services that will help you self-publish.

By using it you can make your book available for sale to the many customers on as well as make them available to other channels. What makes it so nice is that your Kindle books will always be in stock and available for your customers without any hassle from having to print and ship.

Video and book trailer uploads – You have the opportunity as a self-publishing author to create video trailers to advertise your books online. You can display them on the Kindle Author Pages section.

You just have to make a very short video that lets the readers know what the book about and use it to entice them to want more – Amazon Associates Program – If you join this program, you can earn a 4% more on each sale you drive.

This program allows you to create custom links to your books. It also allows you to create interactive widgets. These help to present your book in a more qualified light. Each time a customer clicks on one of those links and they purchase your book, then you get an additional 4% for every sale.

Backups – You never know when disaster can strike. Your computer could get a virus or even get destroyed or stolen. Don’t just rely on your trusty laptop to save your material. Make backups of everything you do. Make sure you have at least one hard copy and make at least two different digital copies and keep them in different places.

If you do this, you’ll still have your Kindle eBook and can recover quickly if something happens. – 8 X 5 ½ books done on a word processing program, will only take about 64 pages to be bound. If you write an ebook with more than 30 pages in a Word document, there’s a good chance you’ve created enough for a book.

Specials – Somewhere in your book, give your readers a little reward. It might be your free report, or it may be a discount on another book or product you have to offer. It’s a simple way to say “thank you” that will cause the reader to remember you.

Also, consider linking from your Kindle eBook to a squeeze page (aka name capture page) where the reader needs to enter his or her email address to collect that reward. This way you can build your own email mailing list that you can then later tell about other Amazon Kindle books you released using your very own Amazon Associate Program affiliate links.

Invite readers to your site – In your book, maybe in your biography, invite your readers to come visit you on your site. Let them know what you’re up to, and show them what the future will hold on the site.

Call-to-action – The goal is to attract more readers to your site. Every hit to your site increases your search engine optimization and helps you rise in the Google search result pages. It’s best if you can put it near the end like maybe the next-to-the-last page. Make sure your site has a great “About You” section where they can learn more about you or your business you’re writing about. Always include a picture. It makes it more personal for your Kindle readers.

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