How to promote yourself

You will learn how to coach others to promote yourself.Your friends,family,customers and business associates already love you.Why not ask them to continue supporting you and your business through referrals.

There are three easy steps to creating glowing testimonials.The first is to simply be aware.We all love compliments.Next time you receive one don’t just say thank you.Look the person right in the eye and say,”thank you for noticing,that is so kind.A great testimonial like that could be so helpful to my business.Would you mind writing it down for me on your letterhead?Thank you”

The second step is to use these testimonials to promote your business and make new prospects into clients.Testimonials are one of the easiest,most effective,and lowest cost promotion tools.

Step three is to reap the benefits with increased exposure and a more profitable business.

The best way to grow your business to the next level is by joining forces with the competition.

Approach your competitor and ask about sharing your leads list.This may be hard to do at first,we work so hard on building our list.If you find someone with the same business ideas,you can build a strong competitive association.

You will more than double your database of leads up new market areas,and put your foot in the doors of many new opportunities for marketing,speaking,social media business. You can’t take every social media,marketing contract,and neither can your new partner,so you are the first to refer one another.

This association will grow your businesses quickly,increased your credibility,support your clients,and improved your service.

You  never know where and when business will come your way.Seek a referral from your competition for referral is perceived as one of the best forms of flattery.

When you help and support others it comes back to you many times over in increased referrals,respect,and more business than you can handle.So stop worrying about your  competition.Don’t fight them;join them!

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