How to promote your business writing a successful press release.

Make your headline sing to have a successful press release.

Do your press release get the media attention it deserves?

The simple truth is it just impossible to know whether your press release will work.But here are tips to improve the response to your press release.

Press Release

Make your release newsworthy

1.Send your press release on a slow news day.If you have a press release you’ve been planning to send,that not time-sensitive,watch for a day when nothing really major(at leach not much)is happing in the world and send it then.

2.When there is something going on in the world,link your press release to a big news item or event.This will grab the editor’s attention and increase the odds of getting your press release used or even getting an interview.

3.Make your press release newsworthy.If it reads like a sales letter,it will get pitched,not printed.It’s okay to mention how to find your product,even include a URL,depending on the type of company you operate,but beyond that,leave out the commercialism.

4.Address the editor by name.It takes time to find out the editor’s names,and your list might be shorter if you do this.You might have 500 names instead of 5,000 anonymous addresses.But wouldn’t you rather be targeting specific people than sending out blindly?

5.Write a headline grabbing press release.Make your headline stand out.Don’t say,Web site offers free items.Say,”New Site Highlights Thousands of Totally Free Offers.”Think of your ┬ápress release as an alternative type of sales letter,one in which you can’t use sales copy,but have to be persuasive without sounding like your’re trying to sell.With that in mind,write your press release headline that persuades the editor(and then readers of the publication)to read your story.

How to attract the interest of journalists through press releases.

The  release is the major means of communicating with the media but because everyone else is also sending out  releases often on subjects that do not merit any form of communication whatever-takes a lot of thought and presentation,or a really newsworthy announcement.

What really matters in the content,every press release you send out should contain certain important facts that must be readily discernible by the reader.Who you are,what is happening,when,where and why are the basic questions that must be answered by every communication and you should attempt to summarize these as close as possible to the beginning of the release before elaborating that other people already know the answers just because you do and don’t let invitations or press releases go without thoroughly checking the contents.

Does the thought of writing a press release make you cringe?Fear no more! after you have read this article,your press release will flow.You will learned the basics of writing a standard press release.

By definition a press release is simply a statement prepared for distribution to the media.The purpose of a press release is to give journalists information that is useful,accurate and interesting.Useful,accurate,and interesting,it is that easy.

Press release are in all actually cookie cutter.Once you get the hang of writing them,all you have to do is fill in the blanks.Press releases conform to an established format.Journalists receive so many press releases a day,they have a set standards and expectations that you must conform to just to have your release read,let alone published.If your release is printed as is without changing even one word,then you know you have conformed to the journalistic standards of that particular medium.

Press releases should be printed on company letterhead or online.If this is not feasible,adding the company logo is essential.The company name,web address,location address and phone number should be printed clearly at the top of the page.Press Release should be spelled out in all CAPS and centered in bold.The press release contact person should be underneath the wording and all contact numbers printed clearly underneath.If the press release is for IMMEDIATE RELEASE-say so-on the left margin directly above the title in all caps.

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