How to market Personal Development Courses.

How to market personal development courses with Annette kingsley.

1.Tell us a little about yourself and your new book Everyday Book of Insights and how it help with personal development.

I have been involved in martial arts and personal development for over 20 years.

Personal Development

Choosing to live on purpose with passion

I was previously a full-time master instructor of my own martial arts academy, holistic centre, shop & juice bar, but after having my two daughters I turned my attention to full-time writing, speaking, coaching and online Personal Development courses.


2. Why Using Time Management Wisely Is The Key To Being Happy and personal development, how so?

Personal development starts with the same amount of hours in the day but we never know when our overall time is up. We need to really focus on our personal development and drill down on what it is we want to achieve – be, do or have in our lives. It is essential to master the art of balance and using your time productively if you ever want to create the harmony of mind, body, spirit balance alongside effectively dealing with life’s daily busy and pressures and to improve personal development.

3. You Can Get It If You Really Want to improve personal development.

You have to ask yourself the question: “how badly do you want to carry out your wildest dreams.” Without getting serious with yourself first and what it is you really want, you can never actually produce the plan and take the inspired action steps required to get there. The universe will provide for you – if you meet it half way and consciously decide, commit and be relentless in your quest of pursuing and achieving your personal development goals and dreams. Wishy washy and half heartedness will never get you there, which is why you have to be truthful and honest with yourself- if you don’t really want to do something, then don’t, just move on until you find something that you really do.


4. Your Imagination Is Your Ticket To Freedom & Abundance of personal development.

In order to be the best you can, then you need to take the time to really dive in to your imagination on a regular basis, to allow your creativity to give you hints, ideas, inspiration and sparks of genius moments. You have to utter the words “off you go” to your imagination and unleash it. You have no idea what it will uncover for you, it is capable of absolutely anything, there are no limitations, boundaries or ceilings on personal development. To be truly free with personal development and live in abundance has got to come from within you. It is all there, you just have to decide daily, weekly or whenever suits to take some time out and step in to it. You are already everything you will ever need but you have to stop: listen and look around in order to see those gifts available to you.

5. Mindful Wisdom Note: Stop To Look Around You – What Can You See?

If you take one minute, every day – just to stop and view what is around you. Nature will be displaying something wonderful right near to you and you probably didn’t even notice because you are busy, focused or distracted by other things. It is a beautiful way to take a moments meditation and contemplation, to just breath in natures gifts anywhere and everyone. You just have to stop, be present and mindful in that moment. And remember that life has majesty about it; we just need to remember to look for ways to improve our personal development.

6. Tapping In To Your Superior Self, what is our superior self?

Your superior self, is all about challenging yourself in the everyday to be that one bit better than you were previously. Sometimes we can just amble along and not make many improvements for a vast array of reasons. But if we just remember to question ourselves, our behaviours, thoughts and ideas on a regular basis and address if they still serve us, are they valuable to us, do they help anyone – or is there room for us to transcend and become a bigger, better version of ourselves. Every single one of us is here to evolve and be the best we can be. Our superior self is making sure we are aspiring to an ascending spiral and we are looking upwards, forwards and onwards to our greatest self.

7. Mindful Wisdom Note: Have You Seen A Ceiling Lately in personal development.

Anything we perceive as a ceiling is an instant limiting factor for personal development. However, once we understand that there really is no such thing on a subconscious level it enables us to optimise our thinking and go beyond whatever it is we currently think is not possible. The reality is we have unlimited, ideas, gifts, opportunities, capabilities, talents and so on, when we operate from a “can-do” mindset rather than a “can’t” mindset we are opening up the possibilities within the mind and harnessing the power within that can come from a variety of ways from the Universe, so we might meet people who can help us, find books or new mentors, remember something from our past, have a flash of inspiration, there are no limits to what can come up for us if we choose to let go of limiting behaviours, ideas and notions that we have collected over the years and might not even be aware of. You are currently most likely unaware of everything that you can be, partially because you have subconsciously or consciously at times created false ceilings that need removing.

8. Take The 10 Day Mental Challenge for improving your personal development.

The 10 Day Mental Challenge is an exercise Anthony Robbins expanded from Emmet Fox’s 1935 book “The Seven Day Mental Diet.” Essentially it is about understanding how much negativity we averagely allow to seep in to our daily lives, mindset and behaviours and seeks to install a better more positive and productive way to think and behave. The idea of 10 days is because it’s pretty tough to complete (not impossible) as we all start off great but can dip or forget or lose interest. So this enables us to understand why we receive the repeated results that we do, i.e. we don’t always focus long enough on what it is we are trying to achieve in a positive way. So for the 10 days you aim to refuse and not engage in any un-resourceful thoughts or feelings, including un-empowering questions and vocabulary. As soon as you find yourself wandering off you have to remind yourself of positive problem solving questions and you can also use Robbins’ Morning and Evening Power questions. Although it can appear pretty difficult, the whole exercise makes you acutely conscious of how easy it is to be de-railed in to negative thoughts, words or actions. So like anything else the more you practise, the more you decide you want to live, think and be more positive then it helps increase that and whether you complete the 10 days or not straight away you will have expanded your mind so you will have made an improvement. And all of those most definitely count.

9. The 90 Second Rule For Greater Emotional Intelligence, – this is a fabulous rule for helping to take control of your emotions rather than them controlling you. It takes on average 90 seconds for any particular emotion to take hold. But using your self-discipline you can choose to take the better route to living with your emotions. So if you were feeling anger brewing, then you would acknowledge it, walk away, think of something funny, switch on music, read something, whatever it takes to distract yourself for at least 90 seconds. This will allow that emotional moment to pass and if you carry on with the new positively directed emotion it will allow that one to take root instead. It is so easy for us to be emotional but not always appropriate for us to behave in certain ways in particular circumstances, so the idea is just to get some mental distance between the negative emotions and to move towards a more positive one. Once you know that 90 seconds is about what you need your mind will accept that and you can finally take control.

10.Who should buy your book? Everyday Book of Insights: World Wisdom and Philosophy for Purpose, Balance, Inspiration and Happiness – is written for busy people that want to dip in and out of a practical motivational toolkit, it gives you fresh perspectives, universal principles, with ideas to inspire, ignite and leave you pondering important questions. It’s about designing your life the way you want it to be and not how anyone does. A guide full of inspirational personal development moments and brimming full of purpose-balance and happiness.

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10. Final comment: What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally? I love being with my daughters and family, laughing and having fun. Choosing to live on purpose with passion: words, music, people, media and great design. To follow your heart and your path, taking time to relax, explore and appreciate our world and being around positive people with a desire for change, challenge and seeking the wonders of whatever our destiny is going to give us.


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