How to market and communicate an offer

Few basic rules on how to market and communicate an offer to your audience.

1.When you find your target market.

They will want better,faster,cheaper,easier.The wealthy are usually the laziest of all!they will delegate most of the work if they can.So they will be driven for faster,easier,and more efficient ways to create wealthy.

2.When you market in your business it is based on attaining pleasure or avoiding pain.

Learn about your target market.

Even  with something as trivial as opening and sending emails or reading your social media sites.

3.The desire to avoid pain is greater than the desire to attain pleasure.This is why when most people market they give into their fears and never do what it takes to make it big.They market in their perceived comfort zone because of the pain they think is greater then the pleasure of being wealthy.Excuses are then produced and the mind will find a way to justify them not to market outside the box.

4.Understand that if you market and communicate to your target market about anything to cure/avoid pain.What you have to do is expose it via your marketing and offer a solution,we are coded to attain that solution-you market it as survival.

5.People would rather learn how do something than actually do it.So market hope vs doing the work.

6.Market to the people who want what don’t or can’t have.They are fascinated by  lean towards those who do have it.When you market yourself as a expert,leader.

We the people are so hungry for leadership they will literally give their lives to quench their thirst.

When you learn to market outside the book and show that you are a expert,leader-you will attract more of your target market.You must increase your value to the world,which will help you change your beliefs about yourself.

When you market correctly your reputation as an expert/leader will pull people to you.Typically,having to turn business away.

The principles above are the rules to base your marketing and communication on,your marketing,conversations,your emails,your websites,etc.They are the triggers that pull people to you and your offer.

When we buy leads we really do not want the leads.We want the sale.Therefore,market information on how to make more sales.

Do three things

1.Sell generic”how to”information.

2.Advertise and market those products instead of their business.

3.Hold generic training sessions.

When you market this way you can attract your competition/future business partners to you without offense or being perceived as a competitor.You are just here to help anyone and everyone who asks for it.

Great  marketers serve other people without want.

The marketing mistake is are trying to sell their business.People don’t want a business or a product.They don’t like being sold(they like to buy!).And unless you’ve made a profession out of selling,you can’t sell.

Prospects don’t care about your book or small business.They want a solution to their problem.Your company is a tool.A means to an end,and nothing more.

So if you want to build a bigger platform,the first thing you need to do is stop spending your cash trying to sell products in an up-front pitch.

Authors and small business owners fail,because they run out of money adverting their book or small business,instead of the generic low cost items produces upfront cash flow.

Please do not get the wrong idea,the real long term,walk away money is not in selling tools.

It is developing a platform and a customer base in your business.When you market this where 100% of your focus should be.That is what you want to master.

When you market the product should be in harmony with your book and small business.


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