How to make your landing page work.

How do you make your landing page work?

Making money with a strong landing page on your blog and driving traffic and leads to your website is a simple numbers game.

If you know the importance of the last sentence it is very easy to get rich online. Let me give you an example as to how to approach your internet business and get everything that you desire.

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Are you tracking your leads?

3 ways to boost visitors to your blog landing page.

Lets assume that you have started a new blog and you want to attract 100 visitors and 40 leads to your blog every single day. Here”s how to do it… Step 1 ==> Create a landing page that offers your visitors something valuable for free.

Step 2 ==> Write articles in your niche and submit them to article directories and direct them back to your landing page.

Step 3 ==> Put your landing page link in your article resource box so that all the traffic moves to your landing page.

These 3 simple steps has the power to get you all the traffic and leads you desire.

Lets play around some numbers and then I will show you how to reach your goal.

The very first thing you need to do is have an ad tracking script installed on your blog.

Then you have to track how many visitors you are getting to your landing page site from every article that you write and submit.

Lets assume that every article you place in a selected list of 5 article directories gets you 10 visitors. You have tracked this number from the ad tracking script.

So if you start placing 10 articles in 5 article directories you will instantly start receiving 100 visitors to your landing page every day.

Now all you have to do is make sure that your landing page converts 40% of your blog visitors into subscribers. Keep tracking and add value to your landing  page till you shoot 40% conversion ratio.

Now all you have to do is write 10 articles every day to get 100 visitors to your blog and 40 leads every single day.

This will shoot your goal of getting 3000 visitors and 1200 leads to your landing page blog every single month.

Do you want to learn how I do it? Watch this ”listen to the hollischapmanshow” and discover how I and my guests do it.

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