How to know if you are providing Tracks to run on for your team

Let me ask you a Tracks question.

Suppose a new rep on your team comes to you as the up line leader and says.I am new in the business,but i am completely available and teachable.

Tracks to help your reps

What are ten tracks things that you want me to understand and do?

Would you be able to pull out an already printed sheet of paper (not your company manual)with suggestions for the first actions they should take to successfully launch their new business?

If you cannot give them ten tracks there is a good chance people who join your team might not have tracks to run on.

Creating this simple document could be the most important gift you,as a leader,can offer your team.

The tracks that are developed will be different for each business.You will need to work with your rep when he or she addresses the items on the following list:

Why am i getting into this business?

What do i want out of my business?

When will i host my first in-home meeting?

What is the date of my first training session/

Make a list of people’s names and phone numbers,emails Fan Pages to contact about my new business.

When will i meet with my leader to begin calling the people on my list in three-way calls?

Essential materials that are necessary to successfully start my business.

Books,tapes,or videos,social media to utilize.

Instructions for tracks printing business cards.

Miscellaneous tracks forms that need to be filled out.

Foundation tracks principles of network marketing or books selling the rep needs to grasp.

For instance,the three principles of network marketing or the four ingredients of success.

Suggestions for tracks to run on.

Giving your team tracks to run on is helpful for several reasons.

1.It helps your new reps know what to do immediately upon entering the business.This gives them purposeful direction which allows their enthusiasm to be harnessed while setting them up for prompt action and success.

2.It increases your effectiveness as a leader.Your tracks are able to give reps very specific focus and action points.

3.It allows you to determine how serious reps are about the business.

4.It increases the likelihood of your reps’ knowing how to lead and manage their own new reps because of the tracks they can repeat what you did with ┬áthem.

5.It creates an ongoing cycle of focus,action,quality,and results on your team.

When leaders design tracks to run on,it reduces their business to its simplest form and the most important action points.The result is significant.It will infuse your organization with the ability to teach,lead,and coach.

Tracks to run on enable leaders to effectively teach,lead,coach.

Tracks to run on enable leaders to discover who is teachable,lead able,coach able.

Having tracks to run on equips leaders to diagnose reps lack of growth.There are usually one or two explanations for reps’not having success in early phase of their businesses. They may have no tracks to run on,or they have been given tracks to run on but see no need for the tracks.

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