How to improve your daily focus.

How to improve your daily focus.

Daily focus exercises Yes, even your daily activities can help you practice and improve your focus. From waking up in the morning until you go to bed at night, such activities which are considered to be part of your everyday routine, are designed to keep your focus up, without you knowing it.

We must focus as a company

Being focus in stressful times

Remove stress and become more focus


Drinking a cup of coffee or tea – simple isn’t it? Well, if you come to think of it, this uber simple thing can improve your concentration. How? Imagine yourself sipping a piping hot of freshly brewed coffee, your mind goes blank and your full attention is on that steaming cup of divine goodness. That is concentration!

Improve your ability to focus your time properly.

Reading a good book – of course, this is pretty much understandable why this activity can help you maintain or keep your focus. For one thing, you cannot read and absorb everything that’s in the book if you are also watching TV or cross stitching at the same time, right? If you need to read, just read and let go of other distractions.

Cleaning up your room or the house. This activity seems normal and so easy to do that some people would think that accomplishing this doesn’t really need a genius mind or one’s concentration. But look at it this way, cleaning your room or your entire house for example, would not be easy if you do not concentrate on what you are doing.

Lack of a sense of direction will hurt your focus.

For example: would you be able to know where you will put all your stray stuff and keep things organized if you do not think of it in the first place? The same goes with doing a task related to your business. If you do not stop to think and focus on the task, then you will not get anything accomplished come end of work day.

Eating a meal. Although, due to the fast paced lifestyle that you and other working individuals live by today, it is quite impossible to focus on your meals without thinking of the things that you need to work on for the day or the week. One thing that you must consider is that even the simple act of eating a meal can help you achieve more at work compared to when you eat and work at the same time.

Eat first, and then work later. This should be a practice – to avoid too much multi tasking, lack of concentration and choking on the food that you are eating. – Hand washing. Remember the proper way to wash your hands thoroughly? Sing the happy birthday song while washing your hands, and you are already showing focus and concentration without even realizing that you are already making progress.

Bake a cake – or any pastry for that matter. This would not work if you do not concentrate and focus on creating tasty treats. If you are watching TV or talking on the phone while trying to whip up batches of cupcakes, think again. Multi tasking in this type of task will not help you measure out ingredients well and mix the batter properly. –

Yoga. Yes! Not only will you lose the weight that you have so much wanted to get rid of, you will also learn to meditate and concentrate on the present. Yoga can help clear you mind from clutter and other forms of distractions, so make sure that you try a few moves at home or better yet enroll in one of those Yoga fitness studios. –

Writing a letter, a story or poem. Writing is a skill that requires focus and your undivided attention. You may listen to smooth jazzy music of course, but if you are determined to write something good, try to work quietly, avoid talking to other people, or watching movies on DVD – things that are proven to be the highest forms of distractions and breakers of concentration. –

Humming. This is not just form of past time, it is also a form of therapy. Humming can clear your mind and lets your mind and body to relax; just like when you meditate or do yoga.

Exercises. A sloppy concentration definitely needs help. Exercise, at least 20 to 30 minutes a day can definitely focus your mind and body.

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