How to improve phone skills

[polldaddy poll=3684402]Before the call take a minute to list on paper the key points that you want to discuss.

1.Your greeting sets the tone.

2.Identify yourself.

3.Ask permission.(Mark, do you have a few minutes to talk?)

4.Personalize the call.(How was your hiking trip?).

5.Be prepared for voice mail and leave a clear concise compelling message and the best time to call you.

6.Establish a warm 2-way conversation.

7.Ask questions (practice and prepare)

8.Agree to a time frame and keep to it.(don’t drag on).

9.Be sure to get Skype information,email address,mailing address and whether the person has a computer.

10.Ask for questions- this will display their interest and understanding.

11.Make and ask for commitment to watch a presentation, and schedule a time to meet or talk again via Skype.

12.Close the call on an upbeat note.(Thank you for your time and attention.)

13.E-mail pertinent materials.Write in your calendar the next step.Make personal notes and highlights of the call.

3 – Way Calling

Is the most powerful there is to:
Get people started
Make a match with someone who can’t relate or indentify with you.
Bring in a third party with those you are too close to.
Train- a confidence builder to pair the most skilled with the biginner.

A golden opportunity for the builder to:
Lead and teach
Be involved in planning, follow through,and accountabilty.
Compliment and validate the team member

3-way calls create bonding as people work together and build alliance and relationships.

3-way calls need to be an integral part of your action plan. They are limited only by your imagination.

The time and energy spent to put a call together is a compliment to the prospect.

They tend to buffer the prospect due to the social influence of the observer.

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