How To Help New Recruits Get Started Right

How To Help New Recruits Get Started Right

New recruits

Can you teach recruits with bad habits?

Want to know the most crucial time in a recruits process? The first week pretty much determines how the rest of the course and indeed, partnership works out. But really it’s the first 72 hours that are most crucial in a consultant business. The sad news is majority of the people who join your business actually “check” out mentally within the first three days, so all the training you do after that falls on deaf ears.

This is terrible news for anyone hoping to light up the world with their little marketing recruits, but of course it’s not the end of the story. If you’re a leader, or working on becoming one, then the first three days of signing  new recruits can have a significant effect on how that person performs in the business. It’s a time where you want them to get off to a great start and stick it out when it gets complicated.

Here are a few tips to help get recruits ready to sell more and exceed their own expectations:

The signup process

Help them complete the signup process and advise them on any add-on items.

Review the website with them and show them all the tools and resources available for training and any additional information featured.

Agree on a launch date for the business and start working on a list of people to invite

First 48 hours for new recruits.

Illustrate reasonable business goals and help define their own. New recruits has their own “why” and when you understand this, you’ll know what to expect when they present the business opportunity.

Make a customized calendar highlighting all the business meetings, personal and family activities, parties and other events over a period of at least two months. Remember to keep a few open dates in order to accommodate possible events.

Get them excited about the new venture and have them invite others via online advertising so they can present the opportunity to more people.

When recruits receive their kit

If the new recruits lives nearby you can have them bring over the kit and review it together. If that is not possible then have him or her review the paperwork.- Get the recruits prepared to do their first solo presentation. Several materials will be needed here, including catalogues, business materials, email, phone numbers, etc.

Review the presentation with  recruits so they know which order to present the opportunity.

After first presentation

Meet them in person or via skype and review how to submit the order to the company.
Review the party and consider the attendees, sales, bookings, recruit leads, etc.

Involve an expert in these meetings.

These steps will make it easier for the new consultants to duplicate the process with their own recruits, which will set you apart and ensure your team exceeds the company’s fast start, setting you up for success.

Keep it as simple as possible, and get them going right off.

Getting the team to start out strong can be difficult but not impossible.It has a lot to do with the individual recruit and their own will. What you want here are people who want to succeed and will do everything in their power to win. It is not enough for a person to want to try the business and see how it goes; one has to have a will so strong it overcomes every obstacle for its fulfillment.
Have the new recruits fill out all the paperwork and get the ball rolling. Remember, just because a prospect doesn’t sign up now doesn’t mean they won’t consider it a month or two from now, so keep a list of contacts and they my become your recruits in the future.

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