How to have your prospects selling themselves-Persuasion

How to have your prospects selling themselves on your products and services with persuasion.

The job of your marketing pieces at each stage in the process,how good is the persuasion to get the prospects to the next step.


Gain leaders with persuasion.

We do not want to sell products and push them upon people,as  professionals we market solutions and expertise,which attract people towards them.

This is a people business,and the more persuasion you have with people the successful you will be.

We can teach you strategies and tactics,you have to understand how people think,know what they want,and how they react.

Here are a few basic rules to keep in mind,especially when it comes to marketing and communicating an offer in any form of persuasion.

1.Most of your prospects are lazy.They want better,faster,cheaper,easier.believe it or not wealthy people are usually the laziest of all! It is my laziness and dislike of work that has driven me to strive insatiably for faster,easier,and more efficient ways to create wealth!

2.Every single action and decision in your life is based on attaining pleasure or avoiding pain.Even with something as trivial as opening and reading an email or deciding to delete it,this is why if done correctly our persuasion strategies will have a major impact.

3.The desire to avoid pain is greater than the desire to attain pleasure.This is why most people give into fears and never do what it takes to make it big.The perceived pain of leaving their comfort zone is greater than he pleasure of being wealthy.Excuses are then produced and the mind will find a way to justify them with logic: I have no persuasion over that potential prospect.

4.People will do almost anything to cure/avoid pain. If you expose it and then offer a solution,they are genetically coded to attain that solution.It’s a survival instinct.

5.People would rather learn how to do something than actually do it.(Purchasing hope vs doing the work.)

6.People want what they don’t/can’t have. They are fascinated by and gravitate towards (persuasion)those who do have it.People they consider experts/Leaders/Alphas.

People are so hungry for leadership they will literally give their lives to quench their thirst.

When you have the persuasion power,you will effortlessly attract new prospects.To achieve that persuasion power you must increase your value to the world,which will help you change your beliefs about yourself.

The hollischapmanshow brand helps with promotion of Alpha leadership,expertise,and solution,instead of a business opportunity.

Do you ever see expert/leader you has so much persuasion in their field having to advertise?Nope.Because their reputation as an expert/leader pulls people to them.They have to turn away business.

The principles of persuasion above are rules to base your advertisements on,your marketing,your conversation,your emails,your websites,etc. They are the physiological triggers lead to very powerful persuasion.

We must do three things?

1.Sell generic “how to”information

2.Advertise those products instead of your business

3.How generic training sessions

Why? Persuasion.

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