How to have effective marketing Follow Up

We’ve heard it before and I’m here to tell you that it really is true-the fortune is in the marketing follow up.

Automated Prospect System that Always Gets Attention byConnecting up to 7 Different Ways for marketing follow up.

Most businesses rely on one or two primary methods for marketing follow up with online and mobile leads. Typically, it’s email.

Marketing follow up

Gets Attention by Connecting up to 7 Different Ways.

But you can dramatically improve the rate you convert leads to customers simply by connecting and bonding with prospects through multiple marketing follow up channels.
We know two things for absolute certain: people are busy, and respond to various channels of communication differently.
Some people ignore email; others throw any regular mail that isn’t a bill or a personal letter in the trash. (And some of them even throw the bills in there, too!)
The point is, if you only use email to communicate with your prospects:
1. Many of them will be too busy to check their accounts
2. Many of them will ignore their marketing follow up email all together and never see your messages
Tempe Lead Generation System  marketing follow up and remind people to take action through multiple channels:
1. Email
2. Mobile text
3. Voicemail
4. Direct mail postcards and letters
This way you can inform people and even remind them to take action in ways that cut through the noise of other marketing follow up system messages.

In many cases, you can triple your response or conversion rate with multiple marketing follow up.
What does this mean for your business? If, you’re selling $10,000 through a Webinar for example, multi-channel reminders and marketing follow up can turn that into $30,000.
The Tempe Lead Generation system uses smart, behavior-based follow up to add even more to your bottom line.
If a prospect opens an email but doesn’t click through to a video, for example, you can automatically follow up with them by mobile text to resend the link in case they missed it.

If a prospect registers for a Webinar or teleseminar and doesn’t attend, you can automatically follow up with him to provide a replay link and then check back through mobile text or voicemail whether he has any questions.
It’s simple: Multi-channel follow up increases conversions.
Marketing Follow Up Channel Leads New Customers Conversion Rate.

Follow Up Channel    Leads               New Customers                      Conversion Rate
Email                           100                           20                                               20%
Mobile Text                                                 +7
Voicemail                                                     +5
Direct Mail                                                  +8
TOTAL                                                        40                                                 40%
capture + connect + close

This is what you’re going to give your prospects in exchange for their contact information. You want to stop people in their tracks, so you have to offer compelling content and value for free.

Spend some time brainstorming to come up with a bundle of relevant items your prospects will salivate over. The problems you solve for your customers, their biggest desires and/or concerns when it comes to your business, etc.

This doesn’t mean you can’t add fun items to your offer like t-shirts and/or gadgets, as long as they relate to your marketing follow up business, product or service.
Some ideas of what you can offer for FREE, include trial of your service or discount from your product Strategic assessment, diagnostic or consultation.
Smartphone app or game
Video series or course
Book, ebook, workbook or guide
Webinar or teleseminar
T-shirt, related gadget or promotional item.
Marketing follow up CALL TO ACTION.
Your call to action is simply what you want your prospect to do to get your free offer. In this case, the call to action is, “Text
Your Name and Email to 602-714-8662.”
In other instances, you might instruct them to visit a specific Web page or Facebook page to register for your free offer.
Having a prospect text their contact information to your marketing follow up system number captures their mobile phone number without explicitly asking for it, allowing your marketing follow up with them via text message and mobile voice mail.

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