How to get Web Traffic

Now we’re about ready to dig into the main course on getting Web Traffic.

The information that will teach you where and how to promote your squeeze page capture page.

But before we get started I want to go over a few things about getting Web Traffic.Within this guide you will notice many resources that we will ask you to join. These recommended sites have been carefully chosen because they are proven to provide the best results. They are all optional,you can skip whichever you want, but I must warn you that if you do not join any of them, you will just keep doing the same thing you’ve always done and keep getting the same results. A lot of the marketing resources I use to get Web Traffic is free to join, so you really don’t have an excuse not to take action.

Most Web Traffic sites are free to join.

Once you have joined you will see that most sites will offer a “one time offer”, otherwise known as a OTO. This is an offer that you can only accept when you first sign-up.If you pass up on the OTO,you wont’t be offered it again and it will cost more to upgrade later on. For the sites I have provided, these offers are incredibly valuable,and i highly recommend investing especially in the list building….trust me on this: the return you receive on your upgrade will come back to you easily by all the Web Traffic you get.

Web Traffic List Builders.

List building sites are my #1 Web Traffic secret. just by using this one strategy you can consistently build a list and income. The key is to have the ability to mail to at least 2 different list building sites each and every day, that way you are constantly sending out your offer and reaching more people. Online list building sites help you generate random leads or e-mails their list in return for receiving mail from other members on their sites.

In the instructions that follow i will introduce you to each of our recommended sites(each are highly effective with responsive members) and how you can use each one to profit the most while getting Web Traffic.

Getting Web Traffic as a free member.

Usually ┬áthese sites if you are a free member you need to earn credits by clicking credit links in other members e-mails to you in order to send your message to other members. But if you choose to upgrade(especially by taking the one time offers…. just one payment for a lifetime account),you will be able to send to a set amount of members every few days without having to work towards earning credits. If you can afford nothing else.

Web Traffic action steps.

1.Create an Gmail e-mail account that you will use for signing up at list building sites. In the field for ‘list email’,enter your Gmail address. Join as many of these list builders that you can.Remember,most are free(except for List Domino and that just cost $20 on time).

Recommended List Building sites to get more Web Traffic.


ProBuilderPlus is a low-cost,high payout membership site.

Quality List Ads  Three membership levels

ListDomino is designed as an advertising tool.

Listjumper (

List Builder pro Targeted and Responsive Opt in Subscribers!

Free Ad Depot




MyViral Surfer





Revolving Ads Depot

Business World List


Having all your list in one place for your Web Traffic.

Jane mark wrote an ebook called ALL YOUR LIST IN ONE PLACE to grow your Web Traffic

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