How to get Traffic with Authors Article Marketing

Authors article Marketing is simply writing a few short articles which relate to your market.

Whatever you book is about that is what you should write the articles about and posting them to article directories with a link to your webpage.

Writing the first article seems like a hurdle,but once you’re over it you will realize just how easy it is to churn them out.

Authors article marketing post don’t have to be great works.

Think of them as short set of instructions or a message to a friend to tell them about a your book or service.You only need to write 250-300 words,in fact that’s optimal. That’s the size of a typical medium length email,and will take you about 20 minutes to write.

Authors Article Marketing to your website by simple placing the web page link in the resource box.

This is called back linking the browsers will give you more ranking by seeing another web site linking back to your site.You can also put the link in the body of the article.Other sites will then use your article on their sites,or people may find the source article from a normal search.

Authors Article marketing if you need help getting started,contact Hollis Chapman or go to instant Article Wizard.

Once you authors article marketing gurus:) have written a few short articles,you could search for article directories and post to them one at a time. But we can make life a lot easier,and publish articles in tons of directories by using our service,we submit to over 100 sites.The very best best place to post to are and,make sure you do these two manually and put your best articles here.By the way,Google loves EzineArticles.

Authors Article marketing you should place your articles in hundreds of other article directories(the more the better) then you would have to either log into these one-by-one and copy/paste the articles… you would basically waste your entire day submitting articles. That’s where we come in! we make your marketing efforts a lot easier.

Tempe Lead Generation System offer part of our service for free(30 second video)We will make Authors Article marketing video for you and include your articles and send them out to 100 plus sites.Google loves us.

Tempe lead Generation System makes sure we do not duplicate content,(which can stop your articles from being listed in the search engines). We get fantastic result from our service.You will be amazed how much traffic you can get from authors article marketing directories-if you post to plenty of them.

Like I said before,if you are only going to post articles to 1 or 2 directories,then you need to submit to and at the very least.

Top 9 Reasons why You Should Submit Your Articles To

1.Increase You Book or Services’sales-the bottom line justification to submit your articles today!

2.You benefit from the last 9 years of credibility and trust building that we’ve done to in the market place; Hundreds of thousands of unique visitors who come to our site daily may be able to find your articles.

3.Ezine publishers pick up relevent articles from our site for publication in their niche email newsletters and websites. You can only benefit from this if your articles are in our site. brand equity & exposure.You may even find yourself published in someone else’s book because of having your article found in our site!

5.You may also find new joint venture partners who are introduced to you via your articles in our site.

6.Your articles join good company along with the other thousands of experts who share your editorial integrity/quality.

7.Get traffic spikes over the coming months and a continual level of traffic for years to your website–all because your articles are listed in!

8.Your article will be sent to our high traffic RSS Feed. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and it makes it easy for ezine publishers and webmasters to get immediate notification when your articles are added to our site.

9.Authors Article marketing post will be sent to our 200 plus niche daily email alerts.


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