How to get Media in Half the Time.

How to get Media exposure to your sponsored event.

Local media events aimed at local exposure can be the most targeted of all sponsorships and will certainly be the least expensive.


How to get a sponsor for a grass root level event.

Media exposure for local online talk shows,festival,competitor, the smaller the occasion or any other local event can offer market by market exposure to discrete audiences and can prove to be the most effective.

How to attract the media to your sponsored event.

The media is an important audience on their own account.With most sponsorships aimed at larger target audience that media are crucial to your succeeding in achieving your objectives.

This applies not only to general public or consumer audience, the media also matters when it comes to the trade press and your reach among your own industry and your show network.

Television is, of course, usually the most important medium. Unlike the press or radio, television can deliver both  words and images and it is the latter that will make the most impression on your audiences as long as you can achieve name branding in the pictures that are transmitted.

If you or the show organizers handle the media badly you will severely limit the effectiveness of your sponsorship to those who attend the actual event; that could be disastrous.

The best events from the point of view of media coverage are often the most difficult to achieve branding and this should be borne in mind from the outset.

Do not assume that because you have just bought a property that traditionally achieves significant media exposure even if you have title rights.

How to design an media evaluation system that suits your sponsors needs.

Does it provide a good fit with the brand or corporate positioning?

It is unique, or is there a danger of it being submerged under other similar activities?

Does the media event have a legitimacy and identity of its own, or will it rely on the sponsor creating an identity?

Is the activity strongly associated with other media sponsors? Is sponsor clutter a problem?

Can the event be incorporated into your mainstream advertising?

Does the event, blog,talk show have a clean image, or is it associated with violence or hooliganism or drug taking?

Can the  sponsor’s name be associated with the event?

How visible will the sponsorship be?

What level of media coverage is expected?

Will television cover the event?

Will the talk show mention  the sponsor’s name?

Is signage available? What will be the amount, location,percentage of total and quality of signage?

Will competitors have access to signage? Remember that perimeter advertising or other signage can, like hospitality,Book signing,remote talk show,brochure advertising and many other links, often be bought at events without becoming a sponsor.

Will the audience be confused by co- sponsorship deals?

Determine whether the media sponsor’s sales will be affected.

Has the media sponsorship have the potential to effect sales?

Are there any distribution benefits, either wholesale or retail?

Can your distributors get involved or be reached by the sponsorship? Are there any other trade tie in possibilities?

Are there any on-site sampling opportunities?

Are there any on-site sales outlets?

Are competitors able to sell on-site?

Common responses to media sponsorship proposals

The first response to a proposal is usually one of two types of replies. A polite, no thank you together with the information that the details of the proposal have been circulated to all other users of sponsorship who will reply directly if they have any interest will be the most common response.

If the proposal appears interesting, a sensible second stage is for the propose to be asked to complete a standard questionnaire that can be easily evaluated against corporate and brand requirements. You can base this questionnaire on the one you will have used to determine your own requirements.

If this second stage continues to demonstrate the media proposal has merit you will normally progress to a meeting at which you will undergo full evaluation.

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