How to get financial advice in half the time.

How to get financial advice in half the time with our special guest Danny Kofke.

1.Tell us about yourself, and your new financial advice book A Simple Book Of Financial Wisdom: Teach Yourself (and your kids) How To Live Wealthy With Little Money.

I am a special education teacher and my wife was a stay-at-home mom for seven years. We supported a family of four on my salary alone and I wanted to give hope to others in these tough economic times and who are looking for financial advice.

2.Laying the financial advice Foundation.

Teach Yourself and Your Kids How to live Wealthy with little money

Give  us some tips on how we show get started with your financial advice book.

The first thing to do is track your spending. Many of us buy things without thinking twice. There are some things that many of us can cut back on – tracking your spending will help you see where you can cut back.

3.We give financial advice so we Practice What we Preach.

I definitely practice what I preach since we live off my moderate income,$40,000 a year.4.Knee deep in debt! how do we get out of it?

First build up a cash cushion (around $1,000). Next, work on paying off your debt starting with the smallest debt first. Next, build your cash cushion up to 6 months of living expeneses and you will be on your way.

5.The business side of writing a book about financial advice, gives us some helpful tips and getting your book out to the public.

The main thing to remember is you will be your biggest supporter. Most authors will not be able to live off their book sales alone but a book can open doors that would otherwise remain closed and market your book to people  who are look for financial advice.

6.Share your thoughts on being self publish.

I think self-publishing is a great way to write a financial advice book.

7.How did you get two books publish on a teachers salary?

I did have to pay to have my first book published – this is where the cash cushion comes into play. Since I had success with my first book, I got to publish my second book at no cost to myself.

8.When people say they do not have time to write a book! What do you tell them?What do they say when you finish your financial advice?

It is hard to find time to most things in life but, if you are serious about it, you can find the time. You might have to miss a few episodes of The Real Housewives or not spend as much time on Facebook but most of us can find the time if we are series enough.Plus if you have an important topic as finances it is great to share with others.

9.You have a great wife,how did you both get on the same page with your  financial advice?

We both have a very open communication when it comes to setting goals and this has led us to have financial success,and she is very supportive with my book about financial advice.

10.Final comment:For what do you want to be remembered professionally?

That I gave people hope and very good financial advice. Many are struggling right now and see no way out. I want to show others if this 36 year-old school teacher can do well financially they can too,but they need to take the first step and seek financial advice.


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